Summoning abomination causes significant FPS drop


As per title, whenever I summon the abomination as unholy dk, my FPS drops significantly making some arena fights extremely uncomfortable. This goes away as soon as the abomination gets killed or despawned. However, over time, the FPS lagging starts to persist after a few abomination summons and I have to restart the client to ‘clear off’ the FPS lag.

Again, the FPS drops only when I am summoning the abomination and begins to progress over time only after that. I sometimes play WoW for hours without client reboots and FPS drops as long as I don’t summon abominations.

I will check my processes the next time I summon an abomination and will see what might be causing this but dropping the graphics settings did not seem to help at all. I also believe that the FPS drops are specifically severe in certain types of arenas, such as the Dalaran Sewer.

Has anyone had the same issue? What could be the cause and cure for this?


Hey NIghtdread,

Reducing your graphics settings was a good thing to try, have you tested this with a clean World of Warcraft installation as well? Please clear your UI (addons) completely as disabling addons does not remove them from the game and could still cause some issues. Let me know if that improves things for you.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ll do some more testing and will probably try a clean install if the problem persists.

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Just as a matter of interest, do you run WeakAuras or anything like that for your DK? I don’t use that add-on a great deal on most classes, except on my DKs, as they often have a lot of stacks and timers to pay attention to. WeakAuras is especially good at slowing things down if there’s a complex animation going on.

Most likely nothing to do with your slowdown, could be the model for the Abomination is complicated itself, or some bug. But thought I would mention it just in case.


Same, been experiencing HUGE drops only when summoning the abomination.

Pc specs are NOT a problem. You did something :s


I have a similar issue. I get huuuuge fps drop (from ~80 to 20-3) and massive stutter but only if my abomination is not NEAR anything/ a player to hit it. When i summon it on mw and he teleports, stutter/fps rip and it happens on everything like that. SV hunter sprinting away, Mages blink idk…everything. I tested without Weakauras, it happens. Without Details, still same. And there is also after some arena games an "can’t click through invisible box near my character. It also moves, sometimes under char sometimes right side of it. (That bug seems old and nearly everybody i played with or asked have that bug from time to time!)

I would really like to have a tool to see what addon kills my fps in raids, what weakaura it maybe is. Want to see what addon creates lag/stutter in arena so i know if it is my a bit older pc or not. x)
I mean there must be a tool Blizzard employees use to see that stuff?
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im noticing the same issue. Game is running fine but after a few arenas im starting to get huge FPS drops, fully restarting the game fixes the issue but not fully. Im getting FPS drops after a few games again. I dont think this is an addon issue at this point.


Maybe advanced combat logs, or any addons fill up an internal buffor and only restarting the game cleans it from this data, at least it looks like that.


I do think this could be an addon issue for you as well, as you mentioned restarting hte game fixes the issue temporarily. After the restart, your addons are loaded in again and could cause trouble over time. Please do go through the steps to clear your UI (addons) completely and retest afterwards.

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