Sundancer not dropping mount

I’ve been told to open a bug report, I’ve got the buff, got the achi, used the glider and killed it no problem, 4 times now, and I’ve still not got the mount, I’ve even got footage of it now, can someone help please? what am I missing here?

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I am having the same issue.

I took the Sunrider’s Blessing buff at the shrine. Then I went North and used the Skystrider Glider item to reach Sundancer and mount him. I soothed him in the minigame. After landing I got the “In the Hot Seat” achievement. I was able to challenge Sundancer do a duel. I defeated him by myself without dying.

The FAQ for this issue (and GM) mentions an effect called “Echo of Dresaelus”. It is not visible as a buff, but should be granted by the Sunrider’s Blessing buff and the Skystrider glider.

I have no clue while I still didn’t get the mount after 2 perfect attempts. It’s supposed to be 100% drop rate.

@Customer Support: Can you make a bug report for this please?

It’s not 100 % chance is it?

I opened a ticket and they said it was and that i must have just not had to buff, when i sent them the video they told me to log a bug report which this is the closest i can do and no one’s ever replied lol

After my 3rd perfect attempt I got the mount (a week or 2 ago).

Glad to hear you were able to get it in the end, Jed! Grats!

If anyone else is still having issues, you can find more info about how this should work here: