Sunken Temple Loot Updated - 25 May

With hotfixes that are now live, we’ve updated many items that drop in Sunken Temple to be better for casters and more rewarding in general.

A number of previously non-Epic items are now Epic quality, and in many cases, stats have been added or increased.


bro… how about some examples?
like come on man XD
at least a link to where we can see the changes or smth?

thank god the guys at WoWhead are always on point.


Too little, too late.


Have they changed the raid 3-piece set at all?
I think not but can’t say for sure

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Waiting for Slicksally’s reply on this xD

I am afraid my guild died 1month ago. When p3 should have ended. Partly because ST mechanics and loot were trash. Excuse me but i cba about a loot update. But great for players in SoD jail until p4 i guess.

Next time balance your game instead of re-itemizing your raid.

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does anyone care at this point? my guilds are completely dead by now, and some servers have lost more than half their population

No FeralAP increase on the staff? Damn.

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I don’t do ST anymore because I don’t find it fun so I just don’t care about what they do with the loot inside. Better items aren’t going to make the raid more fun.

I do wonder if this applies to items you’ve already gotten or if you need to re-run and get the same item again. :thinking:

Better items could give others who want a carrot to chase an incentive to do the raid though so this might give a little bump to participation. But I do think it is too little too late. How many SoD players even pay attention to the blueposts on the forum or check the news on wowhead to even know this thing happened? Especially if they’re taking a break or moved on out of frustration?

Oh well.

We god knows how many weeks in and have nothing but dragons calls, daggers, a few staves, zero healing maces. Great rng. Very engaging. 10/10.

Yes. We don’t know what’s in store for 60 and most this gear will be pre raid bis for the overtuned clown fiesta they no doubt have in store for us then.

Yes it is applied on all exisiting items

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I’m one of those players. Well yes it’s too late but yet i have an alt to gear ,but i feel pity for those players that keep great hopes for cataclysm lol


So the absolutely useless EPIC melee trinket hasnt been updated at all?



As always, overlooking boomies and make them worse…
GJ! Yesterday a Druid quit in my guild and today I am quitting wow.
I wish you the best in trying to “fix” anything by this point…
Hypokrits “We won’t do class adjustments in this phase” No one can ever trust you anymore.
Farewell failed game time for some EvE online.

Oh gee thanks, u really made spending huge amounts of gold on Eye of Flame worth it.

So now I’m broke and ontop of that I got a useless headpiece. Thank you <3

nice upgrades but what about frostmage you add fire shadow but frost not seen anything ?

Just spellpower stuff, mostly and some agi/Tank things.

Nothing for retri like i am.

Hey. Why I can’t restore my Debase Stealthblade?? I sold him a couple weeks ago because I drop some dagger from BDR Arena. Now when it’s update so I want give back him but don’t see him on the list. I see some blue items sold earlier than this dagger which now is epic. I saw this dagger 1 time in raid.

  • [![Cursed Slimescale Bracers]
    Quality: Rare ➞ Epic
    Armor: 143 ➞ 148

Changes like this show me that SoD is not lost at all. Thanks for the 3 armor increase.