Super Nice BM Hunter LF Friendly Raiding Guild

I’ve just returned to WoW after about a 5 year hiatus. In my former life when I was a Mythic Raider, I belonged to a hardcore, yet super-friendly Guild. Now that I am back, I am trying to find a new, semi-hardcore, yet super-friendly Guild that is looking for some new DPS players where we can tackle Mythic Raiding (or any raiding, really) together.

I’ve been out of the game for 5 years, so I am still slightly clueless, but I assure you my mad skills will return…

Anyway, I’m an adult, I’m friendly, and I take direction well (and I cannot stress that point enough - I straight up listen!). I always do my homework before any new raids, and would love to join a nice, new Guild which can show me the ropes again.

posted as wrong char xD

Hey dude, if you’re willing to swap realms we would be happy to have you, we don’t have a full raiding team for the moment, so you would have to wait a bit, but we will jump into raiding, i assure you

Thanks for your message! I’m currently on Shadowsong, but I am more than happy to move to Kazzak. That’s no problem. Your Guild seems super nice, so I am very interested in joining. I also have my friend, who is a Destruction Warlock that would also be interested in joining. So I’m happy to have a chat with you via Discord or something to see if we’re the right fit before moving.

Hey Muffin! I see you’re already considering Qianye’s guild, but if that doesn’t work out for some reason, feel free to check out our recruitment post below! We offer both consistent raiding, plenty of social events, and a solid community of both (semi-) serious raiders and more casual players. You can also have a look at our Discord to see if we interest you :slight_smile:

[ Origin of Insanity] a friendly guild looking to expand our numbers any players new/old/ lvlers or people who just wanna chat, we are a social guild raid saturdays 10/10 normal CN looking to progress to HC we also M+ daily we have a very active discord come join the fun

Hi Muffin,

Would love to talk to you more, please check out our guild recruitment post and if it interests you please do add me on battlenet.



Whisper me tomorrow when you are done with changing realms, i should be online most of the day, may be afk a bit tho, so give me few mins to respond.

Send me a pm if u still looking. We are always in need of more friendly peeps :wink:

Drop me a DM General Dench#3228 we have a very large guild pushing CE and would be just what your looking for tons of activity over here M+ HC/Mythic raids RBGs

Hi Muffinmoof, what a cute name! I thought I’d say hello just in case you were still looking. We are a long standing guild (formed in 2007) that puts people and the social aspect of the guild first ahead of hardcore progression. W do have 2x active raiding teams for people with differing skill / interest levels - one being a Mythic progression group with the same ethos as the guild and an active social and m+ community. If you fancy a chat Asta#2730 :slight_smile: Have a nice day!