Support is bulling now too

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i have seen many topic all over the internet, Game masters who are rude, or threaten people. i myself experienced that a few weeks ago. a Game master contacted me while i was playing Wow. he asked me do you have time?
i said no i don’t have time. but he kept talking to me so i asked him not to bother me. he said that i had to do as he command, so i told him to f*ck off. he told me he would ban me for abusive language i told him bite me. so he said log out or i remove you. so i said go ahead good luck i am recording this entire chatsession. then he was quiet for a while. in that time i received an email some one was trying to change my password coincidental, maybe but i doubt that. because i confronted the guy and he left the chat. oke bad experience.

now something happend in Overwatch and yes i was kinda rude and should not have done that, but i did so i got punished for 24 hours which expired last thursday. but to my surprise i was still silenced today. didn’t noticed before because i wasn’t playing wow. to be honest i think it is weird they silence me in Wow for something that happend in Overwatch but i consider it bulling the kept me silenced for another 72 hour. and the funny thing is i had to find out after chatting with a GM. after i said i consider this bulling the guy just left the chat.
which i also consider rude.

and before all of you are going to accuse me of saying something wrong in Overwatch. i know i did and i did it because i was quiting the game anyway so i didn’t care about punishment. so i had peace with beeing silenced for 24 hours. but i am not at peace with blizzard giving me a 72 hour silence in wow simple because it didn’t effect me in Overwatch


Hiya Lenk,

This does not sound like an actual Game Master (Blizz) chat. Note that Blizzard would only message you if you have an active ticket open, waiting for a response. Have a look into this support article, as it goes into a bit more information on possible Phising chat.

Please know that we are not able to look into suspensions or actions on your account here on the Forum. The only way to have this looked into, is to appeal this through a ticket.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

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