Sure its a random BG thing


So just dropped by to do a random BG before bed.

Joined WSG… w/e
Noticed horde had 2 MW healers. ok
Noticed they were from the same guild: hmmm OK

After we lots 3-0 and noticed they topped healing done, and their nr 1 healer had more healing done than the 2 of us healers on the alliance side combined…

And thats when i tought…“Wow…thats not ok and pretty OP”…

Basically one player won the BG for them by healing them to the moon and back. I recon we got 3 kills the entire bg…

How the heck can you counter that???

How the HECK can it be so unbalanced based on “random” ppl joining together?
One side getting 10x3krated guys while the other side have newly started 12y.o ppl who never ever played a PvP game in their entire life.

Cause i surely felt like this was the case…

/end rand…
waiting for vanilla :slight_smile:

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You’ll make a hundred more of these posts if you expect vanilla to fix your current issue


Well, i do feel Vanilla was more simple.
I knew what major ability each class had. Few burst and def cds.

Sure healer could be unkillable, but then again they could not kille a dps
For me personally there is just too much going on and focus on during a fight.

It was also fun knowing that upgrades regarding gear increased your dmg/healing…
Now i cant see the difference between 350 and 370 dps cause on my toons it doesnt make a difference.

Vanilla prob more unbalanced class wise, but simpler and easier to keep track off…

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Healing is in a weird place, I’ve topped the healing done in a few BGs with multiple healers as a prot paladin by liberally firing off Hand of the Protector before the baseline spell got nerfed 40% in pvp (10-15 man BGs)

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You just lost because the 8dps couldnt deal enough dps to kill a healer

" I recon we got 3 kills the entire bg…"
Thats it, healers a very much powerless in bg, no matter how much healing a healer can put, if you guys are unable to deal damage to the right target you will lose


We lost because we could not muster 8 dps forcusing ONE of their two healers staying WAY in the back with 8 dps in front of them focusing w/e is the nearest.

Its a random bg. Dont tell me everytime you speak in the bgchat, the entire team listens…

Random bgs now are like the frigging lottery. You sign up/buy a ticket" and hope for a win just by pure luck (unbalanced setup)…
Its stupid, its tilbakestående and it should be dealth with.

I can handle a loss, but not when you fight a invincible team and you know it after just 40sec, its just a waste of time. You either get farmed or you step out of the GY til thei either score 3 or time runs out…

And my god why do ppl even REZZ when you get pwnd at the GY…it gets to me every time


Healers always carry the Random BGs. Either focus them only and pray that you will get a help from a teammate or roll a healer yourself and enjoy winning.
With the upcoming mana changes he may have harder time if you manage to keep him in combat all the time.


Dps think they die irl if they go for enemy healers in the backlines. Yes they die alot trying to do this,but it is their job (havent seen many dps players in randoms actually moving around the enemy blobb to hit healers).

It is so much easier to attack first red name they see (heck ive done it myself a few times tbh)

But with strong healers many dps players actually starts to push into the enemy line, not always but sometimes.

1-2 skilled rogues who knows to focus target (healer) can have the same effect.

On the other hand, as a dps it is not fun to storm into the enemy lines only to die in a few globals.

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