Surge of insanity change has to be reverted

Shadow is not fluid at all for pvp after Surge of insanity change. Now we have gaps in our rotation, where we cannot really do much (except heal, etc, ofc.) and when we do have a charge of Surge of insanity, it’s not given that we want to fully channel it when on the move and reacting to gameplay. More than often it’s now a waste, and this has proven already to be a huge nerf and downturn of a versatile gameplay…

I really have no idea what disturbed Blizz about surge of insanity so much now they had to break it down and make clunkier to use… every 2nd devo proccing surge is simply no sense. why ? really why ?

Almost at the point of starting a petition about this. We had such a fun spec and this just ruined it all.

Literally no one will be happy about it, they’ve removed so many gameplay elements, pruned the procs from DF release in 10.1 and now this bullshi. In raids you literally have windows where u press mindspike 9 times in a row. Thank you Blizzard for making me mash the most uncool no animation button on this class. Amazing job “removing clutter”, more like removing any semblence of fun gameplay.


Sadly we don’t want to channel mind flays at all tho. We want to cast Mindspikes :'(((

they should just rework shadow its stale boring.

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