Survival tree has no traps

What’s up with that blizz, please give us something the other hunters can’t get.

Would have been nice.

Would love for frost trap to return with the bigger area and with the entanglement roots.

I’d like immolation or snake trap back

Surv to me feels like a spec with no idea of what it should be, so sad because it has so much potential.

Survival needs more surprises from its bags, ye snake trap was fun on its own.


I’ve played (current) survival since it was introduced in legion and I love it! But this post is spot on. Give us some personality, give us the feeling of playing the spec. More traps, more 1-handed crossbow abilities, make us more acrobatic, more joint attacks with our pet, give us dual wield… just not throw bombs, mongoose, throw bombs, mongoose… it gets tedious.

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Maybe you should also use kill commmand, flanking strike, fury of the eagle, butchery, explosive shot, serpent sting once in a while?

Well, I was making a point, hyperbole is quite common when doing so. Flanking strike is awesome, but should be baseline survival, not a talent. Serpent sting… well Viper’s Venom made that irrelevant. Kill Command is the least fun button to press. Butchery is just Swipe and Fury of the eagle… well I’ll grant you its kinda cool.

Since you commented, don’t you think survival should get a rework? if so, any ideas? I’d love to hear input :slight_smile:

I like the current playstyle, but for the love of god, we don’t need any more of that stupid mini xbow. Also dps traps suck. There have been countless instances when dps traps failed to trigger and needed multiple fixes, the mini xbow is just silly.

My rework would make sv hunter equip a single one handed weapon in main hand and a ranged weapon in off hand. Also have em both visible at the same time.

Every ability used at range (bombs, sting, explosive, anything used during eagle etc) would shoot from your ranged weapon and any ranged ability used while in melee range would gain a melee swing animation.

Also would change SV kill command to also do a hit from a hunter as well as pet (mini flanking version) with same rules. Shot + pet hit if used from range, swing + pet hit if used in melee.

Would revert coordinated assault to bfa version and change improved WFB talent to instead have wildfire cluster. (ends up with same damage, but just looks better)

Isn’t that just a mini xbow?

100% on the kill command. I would rework bombs to be circle aoe, not a cone, remove passive sting. Also there could be a proc that finds a weak spot, making Kill command do like triple damage. I like the charge on CA, it adds to the acrobatic style of the class.

I get the point about traps, during shadowlands it was horrible when steel trap was meta. I’m still all about the traps tho, the concept is just too cool! setting fire to tar trap was so fun, but i think bomb could light it rather than flare.

For pvp i would add a shared health type of bond between pet and player, where pet takes like 15% of the damage. Or even add a intervene from pet to player

Not even close

Only difference is calling it different and it holding the offhand slot. Other than that it’s the exact same.

then what is it? you want us to run around with a massive bow? How many ranged 1 handed weapons do you know? Harpoon gun?

The visuals. The visuals are different.

Yes. Like a hunter should.

You don’t get to decide that hahah silly

I was asked to give an idea and I did.

No you didn’t, you basically hijacked the post and made it about something completely different.

Cant use a massive bow 1handed, not to mention the point of it in close combat. If ur asking to revert it back to old survival, fair enough, but why say a sword lmao.

The good news is, we have 2 speccs which both can use a massiv3 bow :slight_smile:

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How did I hijack it?

By replying to people?

Because u took a post about traps and taoked about survivals lack of a proper bow :joy::joy: there was no ask to how you could improve survival, only a matter of some people are unhappy traps have largely been removed from hunters.

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