Sweeping Strikes talent is kinda bugged for Tauren Warriors

I noticed this yesterday while leveling my Tauren Warrior that the talent in arms called Sweeping Strikes way too often just dosent do anything. after some testing i would say 60-70% of the time it dosent work properly and it dosent hit the other target it is supposed to. Did some testing as well on several different mobs on flat ground, heightened ground and so forth and got the same results. Either it worked or failed, it mostly failed as mentioned above. After some digging and talking to other warriors (undead and orc) They are not having any problems with it at all, But i did talk to some other tauren warriors that had the same problem!

So my question is why is the talent specifically bugged for Tauren Warriors? And is there going to be any hotfix for this? As it stands atm sweeping strikes seems useless. Well, from the part when it actually works as intended.

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