Switching Continents For Classic WoW


I am currently playing on the EU platform but due to work commitments I found a oceanic guild that suit my availability. But how do I go about playing on oceanic servers come classic launch or even to reserve my name on the 13th August. At the moment Iv made a starter edition on NA/OC on BFA and despite the 290 ping its very playable and presume I would need to just buy a subscription on that account to carry on playing BFA on the Oceanic server. If I do, will this allow me to play Classic wow on oceanic server aswell?


Hello Classichero,

This is not fully known yet, so I can’t answer your question at the moment.

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What’s your opinion?


(Dottie) #3

I think whichever region you pay in is the one you can play classic in. That’s an educated guess.

I’m trying to remember if you need BfA as well but I don’t think you do.

Just over a month to go and things are not fully known, or at least they haven’t told the people who support the game yet.


Any update on this matter

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You need a US subscription to play on US Classic realms.