Syivana's Valkyr!


Are she have any left still?

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It should be 3 of them left. 3 of the big ones to be specific.


3 according to wowpedia.


Ty for answer-I was confused after watching warfront cinematic where NE killed Nathanos…and walkyr resurected him

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I can’t remember the situation happen you just described. Nathanos never died in bfa.


Its night warrior tyrande and Malf vs him and 2valkyr they dont kill him (atleast not horde side)but 1valkyr does die


She has as many as Blizzard wants to. Imho, that’s currently more than enough to keep her raising armies of undead.


It is suggested that Helya is still alive, somehow, in BFA. And we know Sylvanas has some sort of mysterious deal with the fallen Titan Guardian… So it is certainly possible the writers could contrive some convoluted way of giving her more Val’kyr if needed. After all, Helya originally held Eyir’s place as the greatest and mother of the Val’kyr (after Odyn forcefully transformed her :sweat:). Arthas also eventually learned to create his own Val’kyr after studying ancient Vrykul legends. Apparently this was very difficult, even for him, so I doubt Sylvanas will be pulling that one any time soon.

But, uh, as others have said- she has 3 left.

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