T8 Tokens from conquest badges

Ok I don’t know if this is just me and this might be an unpopular opinion but for the love of god blizzard just add the other tier token pieces in the conquest vendor I’ve been doing ulduar weekly on 2 characters and for the last 2 months I’ve gotten absolutely 0 loot and honestly am getting burnt out of farming constantly for 0 reward especially when most of my items drop from the last few bosses. Your constantly changing things adjusting classes or things people don’t even ask for am sure this little thing many people would appreciate people that are in the same position as me that have been farming ulduar weekly since week one and gotten nothing last two months it’s actually beyond a joke. Please really consider this I just want to finish my T8 already.

Well adding 3 other token pieces would be #majorchanges. It didn’t happen 12 years ago.
Besides, you can’t tell me you have done 2 months of ulduar and never seen a token drop? Thats literally impossible unless you stopped after doing XT. If people roll your piece away, just join a premade group or even a guild?


Join GDKPs? The problem you describe doesn’t exist there. Either you get items or gold, but you’ll never end empty-handed.

I don’t believe that. There’s VoA 10, VoA 25, Uldu 10 and Uldu 25. Too many chances.


Literally nobody needs tokens from bosses anymore aside from alters. And it’s a guaranteed drop. Maybe try to join a guild and dont pug?

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Conqueror never drops for me, always vanquishers

That means you’re clearing the raid :muscle:, maybe you don’t need this set that much. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is some weird skewing on loot drops - for the last 10 resets we’ve seen one scale, not a single flair, and most of the stuff just gets disenchanted.

I’d say OP checks out if only doing PUGs - the people who won items get replaced with people who need them now.

However, it has been said before and we’ll say it again – it’s ok to merc your way through the game - but if you want your turn at the loot, you gotta join a guild.

Impossible to not get a single token? I either roll very poorly or they don’t drop for weeks and weeks. I’ve clearly said for months I’ve gotten no loot.

Speak for yourself, I’ve been killing Yogg 25 every single reset and I still don’t have 25m T8 shoulders on my warlock main.

To be clear, I don’t expect, nor demand, a change like that, but there’s no denying the T10 buy-with-EoF system was way way better than this.



… and when it drops, there’s at least 8 other people competing for the item.

I still have Naxx back and trinkos - it simply doesn’t drop, and the rare time it did there’s more people that also need some lewt.

A system where you could trade accumulated confirmed-kill points for soulbound items that specific boss ( or group of wing bosses ) drop would be something I’d get behind. – Either that, or adjust the rubber-band loot RNG … … it get’s EA-levels of obvious when you see 5 daggers drop on a run where there’s no rogues to be seen. . . ( and no, they ain’t stealth… . )

One of my rogues never saw KT daggers, I am not even talking about losing a roll, they just never dropped, for whole duration of S5 … had to get 1800 with paper cutters xD

Then someone tells you go gdkp for guaranteed loot xD yeah thanks buying loot that doesnt exist …

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