Taivan VS Phases

There is big phasing issue for Hoarder of the Forbidden Reach and Scroll Hunter achievements…
The treasures appear and disappear just by standing next to them, don’t have time to reach them before the treasures disappear.
Same for the rare ones that pop and only have 10% or 20% with raids from foreign players destroying them. Not to mention the fact that these rares are so old that we solo them in 30 seconds.
There should be an option to prevent our character from changing phase automatically.

About the Into the Storm achi, still the same problem as always… there is no rotation in the elements and locations, it’s been 3 times that the same storm appears in the same place with the same element.
Even in raid, packs of mobs appear and disappear when phasing :confused:

Blizzard, fix your game before releasing unique mount achievement with impossible objectives because events just don’t pop or disappear on sight…
Taivan mount has been expected since one year, you Blibli don’t even try to make it fun to obtain, at least make it possible

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