Take Flight, Seeds of Renewal Is Now Live!

Take Flight, Seeds of Renewal Is Now Live!

Discover the buried history of Azeroth and the Dragon Isles through the Azerothian Archives Public Event, take Dragonriding to the skies of old-world continents, storm Dragonflight Dungeons alongside NPC companions, complete new Campaign chapters in the continuation of the Dragon Isle epilogues, and more!

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5 new hair colours and flying different mounts in the old world. /gasp

Moving further away from the concept of an mmo by filling the group with npcs (though the way you’ve nurtured the social aspect of the game its hardly surprising many people will find this preferable).

All in all its slightly less underwhelming than the selfie patch but you’d have to be a limbo dancing olympic champion to pip that one. Something to aspire to I guess.


Could you consider increasing passengers from 1 to 2 please?

I agree, My girlfriend was turned off of playing the game because of the abuse she recieved for stumbling about in dungeons as a brand new player. Maybe with npc dungeon mates I can get her to give it another shot


Azerothian Archives looking interesting

We already have that with the fly along passive, you need to talk to a dragonriding trainer and you should be able to choose that, then other players who want to fly with you can just right click you and then they will be turned into welps next to you that follow your dragon

No offense, but did you not see the new city, archives, gilneas questline and follower dungeons? This sounds like you are trying to be negative for the sake of being negative.

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Normal/hc RDF already felt like you are doing it with 4bots who never talks, but simply gogogo as fast as possible to the last boss. Funny thing is - this slow paced NPC companions will bring better experience for newer players.

Compare these 2 scenarios:

  • 485ilvl DH tank joins random normal dungeon (Neltharius for example), he just goes into 5th gear and just pulls everything from boss to boss, does 98% of group damage, and others just run and follow along, and you are lucky if you haven’t missed some skip or died and got completely lost from the group.
  • you join with 4bots, who just go at your pace, they go pack-by-pack, they don’t kill boss in 7secconds, etc., so you can feel you character, rotation, see the monsters, etc.

Honestly, for new players this is great. Probably in the long run this will creep into m0, once the system is more polished.


Dragonriding in all zones is one thing I most look forward to play around along with evoker soar, also curious about gilneas becoming a potential city hub for alliance players.

Agree. This could help.

The wow community has never been so rude. It’s literally full of people ( I reckon teenagers/kids) that feel with super power (sort of) and do not respect people that just want to play smoothly and more relaxed. As soon as you make a mistake or do not run as the want they start to insult you and act as a keyboard killers.

Such a shame.

I hope this new feature will be properly tested and complete implemented also for old content (would be nice to be able to do old raid with not solo able mechanics).

It would be understandable if they were but not really, no. The few rude people I come across are older than me, not to mention teens. It’s people who’ve played the game for like 15 years and are tired of it but still at for some reason it that do it really :')

That being said, this will be AWESOME and I’m gonna start doing dungeons while leveling now too. No more rushing and I can bring friends who aren’t too confident so they can experience dungeons \o/


Yes I know that, I’d like 2 passengers to be possible

Honestly, who writes this garbage? You should be embarrassed.

I won’t touch Follower dungeons at all. Just not my cup of tea.

If only the pre-download option ever actually pre-downloaded instead of waiting until reset morning to get stuck on initializing for actual hours…

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I can not use dragonriding in Kul Tiras. Is this a common bug?

Update day, yay… Now to have 2 hours of initializing followed by 17 hours of download… well, not really but still :neutral_face:.
Why do i never boot up in time to let it download while i do other stuff… silly me.

They could make Gilneas reclamation event/quests to be a big event with many quests etc

Instead they just made it a 10-15 min event…

Hope that in the future patches they will add quests, events etc to the Gilneas zone

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Seemed pretty bang on.

No actual content patch. No shame in that for a small indie dev.

At least they still haven’t fixed defile.

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By this point in this expansion who can tell?

Not even bliz :frowning:

I gave oneca quick test and it was pretty impressive.

Sadly no use to me but maybe for m+

Playing solo with bots in an mmo seems perverse though.

I’m sure i read somewhere about conventional flying mounts gaining dragonriding ability. Does anybody know anything about this?