Talking Head addon that blocks all but War Supply drop announcement

There such an addon? I see those that block all pop up talking heads, but can’t seem to see one that can give an exemption to the world PvP war supply drop shout out.

Looks like you could all use some resources. Hmm… there’s a saying for this… Survival of the fittest. :slight_smile:

And no, sorry, never even tried looking for such addons myself.

I’m not aware of any that have filtering but there’s plenty that let you move/shrink the window instead of removing it entirely.

I typically don’t have an issue with them… but for some reason the Dragonflying Race WQs it causes my game to freeze for like 3 seconds, and ONLY them… main reason why I want to get rid of it specifically for those racing ones.

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I have a feeling that these addons left this specifically either as a bug (you could report it to the creator) or on purpose for war mode people. It freezing makes it seem like a bug to me.