Tank and healer looking for home

Hi Everyone,

We are a couple looking to find a new home after our guild has disbanded. We are both 10/10 HC in CN and we are a prot/ret paladin(213 ilvl) and a resto druid(211 ilvl) / boomkin .

We are trying to find another guild that raids friday/saturday/sundays in any combination as we both work in demanding jobs and don’t want to be rushing home to try and get raid ready.

We are experienced raiders, always on time and never cause drama. Wanting a relaxed raiding environment but with good progress. We would consider a server / faction transfer (currently on doomhammer-EU) if the right guild was out there.

Happy to discuss further as needed. :slight_smile:

Hey Aerlund

Resolute - Doomhammer I think could be a good fit for you both.
We raid Wed/Sun evening 2100 Server time. We all have jobs/kids hence why its a little later than normal raid times. We are currently 9/10 Heroic and plan to get a Mythic group going.

We are not a hardcore guild by any means but a good bunch of geared players who can play is all you need, so a nice relaxed raid atmosphere normally a good laugh too with our warlock taking most of the light abuse during the raids… :slight_smile:

We have a healer spot ready for the taking and DPS spot so would fit right in tomorrow if you like?

Add me on Battle.net if you are interested - BallBag#2450


We are a late night raiding guild on Draenor who’ve just started mythic progress, our raid nights are Friday & Sat 2245-0130 server so may suit you if you’re looking for a later start. We also run an alt midweek raid for anyone who wants to attend.

We’re currently searching for a tank and a dps - if you’d be interested in chatting further then please contact danielhobby#2189 on bnet or danielhobby#5482 on discord.


Sorry to hear about your guild.
We are currently recruiting a few more DPS and would welcome you both on your DPS spec’s however, as we are currently raiding mythic content we are also looking for players with good off specs and the fact you can both tank and heal is brilliant.

Please check out post out and if it interests you add me on battlenet.


Hi both o/

I’m throwing in the Lost Rowsdowers as an option on Draenor. We’re a casual and social guild that aims to get curve each tier and to progress on Mythic when there is enough interest. Currently we’re sat on 9/10 HC and definitely have enough flexibility to take on a tank and a healer. We raid Saturdays (8-11pm ST) and Sundays (7-10pm ST) if that’s any good for you two.

Outside of raiding we have weekly social events, groups of DnD players and alt raids.

Feel free to poke me to discuss anything further on Bnet (Novahkiin#21346) or on Discord (Novahkiin#1976) or alternatively you can poke Nherz (Nerzelan#2725).

Best of luck whatever you decide :slight_smile:

Hello Aerlund - if you would be interested in late night raiding please check my guild below!

Midnight Asylum is a later at night raiding guild based on Draenor-EU.

Our ethos are simple, have fun whilst raiding, we like a laugh between pulls and a silly discussions after raid ends. Since we are a raiding guild we focus where it needs to be, but don’t take ourselves too seriously, we see you as a person and we do our best to accommodate you into the raiding schedule.

We understand that work schedules and real life issues can sometimes impact our love of WoW so we choose to raid and generally be online later at night.

Raid Times (Server Time)
Wednesday 22:30 - 01:00
Thursday 22:30 - 01:00

Our current goal is to bolster our ranks throughout Shadowlands with mature people, socialize and work towards the ultimate goal of CE.

Beyond raiding, we have players that love do M+ as well as a handful of us that also like to do a bit of PvP from time to time.

There’s also an alt raid which is not mandatory, usually on Sundays.

If you’d like to have a chat with one of our officers please feel free to reach out to
Seera#21199 (Bnet) / matei26adrian#7899 (Discord)
Pid#21702 (Bnet) / Pid#1270 (Discord)
Snow#23454 (Bnet) / Snow#0724 (Discord)
Waniek#2145 (Bnet)/ Waniek#7615 (Discord)