Tank + healer duo LF mythic prog guild for S4 and TWW

Hey all,

my partner and I are looking for a new raiding guild for mythic progression and hopefully CE in TWW.

We started raiding in retail in S2 DF and achieved 4/9M Aberrus and 6/9M Amirdrassil. We want to improve and push for CE.

I main tank - prot warrior (OS arms), BDK and he mains resto druid (also has holy priest). We are free to raid Sunday-Thursday (19:30ST - 23:00ST) and are currently on Dentarg.

Feel free to reach out to me on discord (mercheer) if you are looking for a new tank and healer. Happy to provide logs and more details.

(repost, posted under wrong character)

Hey guys,

Happy to have a chat to see if we can make a fit for you, our current progression is 6/9M ATDH and fingers crossed with a fleshed out raid team we can have a bigger Mythic prog push in TWW.

Add me.

Discord: Qubiik
Bnet: Qubiik#2554

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Hi, we are currently recruiting for TWW, have a look at our Post and come to our discord or add me on BattleNet. Can all be found in the Post.