Tank + healer LF 1 day raiding guild

Hello, my friend and I are looking for a raiding guild for SL, we’ve been playing this game for a very long time, but haven’t been raiding in retail for a while. We have this problem that RL is kicking our butts, so we do not have time for 2-3 raid days a week, we do however take the game rather serious, and want to find a one day a week progress guild, which we can commit ourselves to.

We are both committed players that aim to improve ourselves so we can perform to the best of our classes ability. Always reflecting over what we can improve upon and do better.

We both have former experience raiding in earlier expansions, but not so much in newer content since we both joined BFA around 2-3 months ago to get ready for SL, we’ve mainly been playing m+ in this time, pugging our way up to 3,2k raiderIO. We’ve stopped there since we both got SL beta about a month ago and have since been trying out the different classes and content to get a feel for it.

In SL we are looking to try and push high m+ keys, maybe even try for some records if we are able to find the right team. However we also would like to push through the mythic raid tiers, but given our RL schedules can’t fit in a 3-day raid week, are really interested in your 1-raid per week schedule.

Now I’ll be blunt. We can’t show much for logs, since we haven’t raided any really relevant raid tiers in the recent content. But I can however promise a full commitment from our side, we will always meet up on time for raid, enchanted, gemmed and with all the needed consumables. We will perform our roles to the best of our abilities and will always try to improve each attempt. We don’t give up easily and will happily progress a boss for as long as it takes to down it, given it’s with the right group of people!

As for what roles we cover, my friend is main healer and will most likely end up playing a resto druid for SL. As for myself im a main tank, I’ve been tanking since 2006 and got all tank classes ready for shadowlands, just waiting to see what will be good after the last changes

The question is, is there any place for us out there? ohh and yea, we are EU

We currently have characters on Kazzak, but are willing to swap server for the right guild!

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them

My discord: Damngood#6983 My friends discord: Vollmerino#2637