Tank Looking For A Guild


As the title says, I am a tank-player that returned to the game after a bit of a break after clearing 10/10N SoD. Now im looking for a new home to raid with in a friendly way and hopefully push some keys.

Im not looking for any hardcore-minded guilds now, I value the social aspect way more than killing bosses fast. I want a guild where I feel like i belong, a secondary family that I can escape to after work/school and real life issues.

I am serious about this, the only thing that can make me enjoy the game anymore is a good guild where i feel like i belong.

I am willing to server transfer for this reason as well, as i mostly played on Horde side on Draenor before.

If people want to play other games together as well, then that is just a big big bonus!

If this sounds interesting, contact me on:
Battle.net: Cronex#2835
Discord: Astranice#9239

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