Tank or dps lf later night mythic guild



I am currently looking to break back into mythic raiding and am seeking a late / later night raid guild with 2 raid days a week max.

Have been playing since TBC and have raided at all levels during my time from casual to hardcore 5 days a week to mythic until recent tiers.

Currently been raiding the last couple of tiers in a 1 day heroic only guild but i am looking to return to the more competitive raiding scene (we have achieved curve every tier easily)

I have pugged the 1st 3 bosses in TEP in Mythic mode on multiple chars every week

I have the following classes available to apply with

Bremaster 442 68 neck
Paladin Prot 441 ilevel 66 neck
Havoc DH 443- 66 neck
Ele shaman 436 62 neck
Rogue 439- 65neck
Warrior Prot 436 65 neck (fury o/s 432)

Also have an upcoming hunter and boomkin @ 420 ish

If you are full on tanks i am happy to DPS on any of my chars

I enjoy M+ although my rio score is only 1200 or so as we do not push keys and just get the weekly chest done - this is an area i would enjoy pushing on.

What you can expect from myself

High experienced player from all tiers
Drama free
100% attendance or as close to as possible
Focussed and always prepared for raids

Anyway enough rambling leave me a message here with any relevant links



Night Vision @ Silvermoon [A] - Late night raiding guild (23-02 ST).
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