Tanking Chrono-Lord-Deios 20+ as a warrior

So I was tanking this boss in 21 yesterday and it seems like the only way to tank it as a warrior is… using heroic leap away from his breath every other breath…
You can’t do it otherwise because you will run out of CDs and you will just die
I understand that you will probably cheese it in 20 with 480 tank and heal, but 20 is a noob key and by the time you are 480 you should be doing 25+
So my question is whats this? Why is this even a thing? Why prot paladins and all other tanks don’t need to do this? Why spell block doesn’t work for his breath while it works for this type of stuff literally in every other dungeon? Like, I can spell block charge of 2nd boss in everbloom… Why I can do this? Is this a spell? This is a CHARGE
I think that this is a bad design, you either should be able to fully soak his breath using you CDs which means that you should reduce his breath frequency or you should allow spell block
In season 2 there was a worm in underrot that had visually similar breath, and guess what it hit you even if you were far away but this worm was looking in you direction
In general I’d say that you shouldn’t be able to leap away from it and I think that this is a BUG not a C L E V E R U S E O F G A M E M E C H A N I C


No, it’s not and you will die. I can’t even switch from def stance on this boss.

Yeah you actually gotta leap out… Completely agree, it’s trash… They gotta change spell reflect for this boss…

can u intercept ur allies or charge the enemy mobs?

The answer is in the question, I think. Prot paladins CAN’T leap away. They have to be able to survive it.

If you mean the second boss, it was outrangeable

No, i meant trash mobs which look like maggots, you could’ve encountered them at the beginning of Underrot dungeon and between 1st and 2nd boss
They sometimes start casting green breath that visually ends near them but it actually hits you a mile away if this maggots look in your direction

Those are 2 totally different mechanics tho. Like, the maggot is stunnable, while that breath is supposed to go off.

On bosses every tank have their own tacts, like, you can jump away from DHT tree too. A paladin can’t. Or, you could face tank the tree boss in WM as a War while other tank will probably have to reset.

Every tank will struggle more than another in certain spots.

cries in bear :dracthyr_comfy_blue:

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I figured this out, I took a talent for 2 charges of shield wall
This fight is cheese with this talent
Basically by breaths:
1 - shield wall
2&3 - spell block(its duration covers 2 of them)
4 - shield wall

and so on
Was aligning spell reflect with breaths as well
Demo shout when its up and spamming ignore pain

No way I believe this, NA warrior tank is like 3.5k io and has this key timed on +26. Ask for an external from a healer then if you are that bad and can’t live a mechanic on +21.

Reread my last message, I switched talent and it became easy

this is the mentality of wow playerbase, that’s literally why blizzard shouldnt make content so easy, because all of sudden max lvl content has to be doable at ilvl 10 without exception if most of people are able to do it this way…

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