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What have blizz done to other tanking specs like Paladins ruined possibilities for warrior tank to even get accepted to M+ grp, talking about 23+ keys. If your not premade there is a 10% chance to get invited. I dont wanna get into dmg mitigation, heal and combat ress, but how can u compete with 30+ interupts for example?

And if they make changes to specs like every 2 week - i propose to make concentrated primal infusion account wide so will help to change the class in a way that can play the game. Farming for weeks so can be competitive and after i stay in que for hours to get into a grp is not fun and ruins pleasure to play.

So what is your opinion and why this happens?


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Their point is to continuously farm?

Honestly, as a main Brewmaster at the moment i can only shrug and say ‘‘Welcome to the club mate!’’. At least we are Tanks, so even if we get refused to some groups, we still are able to play, unlike Off meta DPS that tend to be refused everywhere.


I am just happy and glad that warrior doesn’t get attacked for being OP every two hours now.

So I take the good with the ‘bad’.

But yeah, you did kind of poke the sleeping bear of issues there with ‘if your not premade there is a 10% chance to get invited’. At the 23+ level, if you are not a heavy FOTM and actually more powerful spec, then you will have a hard time. Invest your effort into networking instead, it is the only way to get into keys faster and with less bother.

Best of luck out there lads


Yup new prot pala is a holy paladin for healing, prot warrior for damage, 3 ele shamans for kicks in one player - why would you bring one, when you can bring 5 players worth of dps/healing/control in one player?

It’s simple, we just play prot paladin like the other 75% of paladins in top 1000 :)))

It’s so annoying this whole meta slave BS.

I am getting up to doing +18 now and there is no chance of getting invited to any group.

I watch what gets invited to every group and its just the same thing over and over protection paladin. They are currently over double of every other tank for timed M+ keys currently and they make up most of the top 100 keys that have been run.

it’s a complete joke, I was looking forward to playing S2. Why can’t they ever just balance the tanks out and leave them? there is always 1 tank far better than the rest.

Yikes, I can’t believe prot warrior dropped down to D tier this season. No point playing anything other than prot paladin once again this season. Spell Reflect also seems completely useless outside of Neltharion’s Lair and Halls of Infusion last boss.

I wouldn’t worry too much. Do remember most of the playerbase are currently playing at the 10-16 range, the ones that are doing 20s are the 1%. So things will get easier as more of the playermass is getting to the 20 level and the need for hyper-optimisation gets reduced.

Now I took the liberty to check your profile, and you just did a 18, good job my man. And before that you were in a lower key to help a friend, before that again you did a 17. 4 keys in 4 hours. 3 of them were at your aimed range as you are pushing up. Once you have pushed your 16’s to 17s, you will find getting into 18s to be a lot easier. I also notice repeating names, so take it you taken the golden advice to push your friends or your own keys. Great!

My point bringing this up is twofold. One to check if you really could not get any push keys done and if there was long waits in between, that seemed false or overblown. Then to consider if I myself would bring you to tank my 18. Answer was currently a no. Simply because at this point, there are a lot of people who have already tanked it on a 19 or even 20 (or at least got almost all keys done at 18-19, with my listed key being their next jump from 17++ ).

You are behind the curve, it is probably hitting you harder than your class. As I fall behind the curve on RIO I too struggle getting into groups, but as my RIO becomes more in line with the top 1-10%, I yet again see quick invites.

So, don’t give in to despair my warbro. If prot warrior truly falls behind, it won’t be by much. Because there is no way that prot warrior is so useless to become the DH/Guardian druid of early S1.

tier d, b, or s is just a simplification for dumb ppl that doesnt bother to learn the class and try to do some content.

i hav no problem doing keys, and are the 3k1 3k2 andys from S1 who mostly brick my runs with meta classes that dont know to play, like always, if u dont try to learn ur class doesnt matter the rest.

Sadly lot of ppl think like u and think that a tier is the explanation of ur performance.

Edit: If u still doenst believe me, just come with me to a key and see by urself how bad the protwarr is now.

Not bad, but paladin and brew still outclass it.

same drama as S1, how bad is brewmaster bububuhhhh, still monks pumpped like monters in keys and higher than the average key runners, same for guardians and vengance dh.

all classes can do high keys with a good performance and nice teamplay

i will say always the same, community is hurting itself reading those nonsense tierlist instead of learning the class and the dungeons.

And brew/paladin by default bring a poison/disease cleanse which is huge in Halls of Infusion and Brackenhide. They also have cc for the upcoming affixes where you need to disable mobs. Warrior does none of that and it will never be better than those this season. Warrior doesn’t have dispels and off-heals.

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we just dont need that, we hav a nice hard cc kit and high survavility, and dont forget high overall damage in st and aoe, the rest can be done by the party.

dont forget the slow and aoe slow, fear-breaker and party shout, aoe taunt and interrupt, spell reflect, shield breaker skills,and the best thing, a “cheat death” that we done even need xD.

if u ignore all that just saying that is tier -m- of moron, is just that u dont know how to use it.

I’m having a hard time getting into groups even for keys as low as 12-13 right now. They just won’t take me! Everywhere is filled with paladin tanks. The meta issue needs to be resolved somehow; they must find a solution.

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Problem is likely more to do with that in m+11-16 area there are a lot of 2.8k rio 441 players farming out crests. So if you are not that tier of tank yourself, they will rather bring any of those.

Don’t take it personal, it is just more efficient way to push your key up for free.

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