Tanks in WPVP... IDeas?>!

If you have noticed 7 guardian druids in 1 wpvp spot, then you already know where this is going.

Everyone should be able to be viable in wpvp, i get this, it will be the best result for all, but i think some tuning may need to be done for certain situations.

the incident im talking about isnt an isolated 1, its becoming common in any area with wpvp, i see most complaining in world chat to not even bother with it as tanks are taking over, in regards to most tanks, regardless of skill level, will simply let their specialization win out a fight, and in many cases it can be 1 v x. The problem is most people from what i have seen, just straight up now avoid it, or are logging their alts in to join in, the moment a dps or healer lands, all tanks just swamp them in cc and often just sheer dps in seconds, which is twhere i think the problem is.

The self healing, and dps in wpvp scenarios seems way overtuned for that spec, either they keep their damage mitigations, but the other aspects are tuned down a little, or buff EVERY other aspect of every other class,

what do i mean?

Take any class, and make them be as survivable as a tank, with the same self mitigation to damage and healing, as this is where tanks are . They dominate in their areas (as they should) but they completely over perform in other areas which are not specialised for that spec. If a tank is half as effective as healing and dps, then make a dps as half as effective as healing and tanking, and healers, half as effective at tanking and dps, this would be the only way to balance, yet most would cry it would be unbalanced, but that is where tank specs are atm, so why is it ok for that specialisation to overperform, but not others?

The problem has been experienced by everyone and anyone who has done any wPVP event, there needs to be a solution, dont nurf the class outright, but maybe change things more for pvp to bring things in line with one another, they just seemed way overtuned in damage and healing, but it was funny seeing 7 guardian druids just semi-afk and then nuking people with moonfire instantly… but i guess they just need to “get good” etc right?

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