Tanks need some love

Hi all,
i just want to spend my 2 cents on the tank situation and see what people think about it. With the new battleground blitz I see tanks more often in pvp, Imo this calls for a strong rework.
I played as a tank in pvp since the glory days of wotlk and can’t remember a worse time then this. Rn they take something like 70% more dmg in pvp, basically healers are better at soaking dmg and make for better flag carrier/defenders most of the time (In epic sieges are a oneshot). Augmentations are better as well at tanking, doing damage AND healing.

Not all tanks are the same tho, you have paladins whom major defensives are useless when flag carrying and have DHs, warriors and druids who have infinite mobility for that.

Blizz just gave utilities to arms warriors that would have been really cool for protection warriors. Prot paladins had their heals gutted and got nothing in return, not even a blessing of sanctuary pvp talent. I can’t say much for other specs since i don’t know them super well and would like to know from others.


I do think they take too much dmg, but… I also think some of them does too much dmg themselves…

Tanks should probably be able to 1v1 most non-hybrids by slowly wearing them out but idk about them killing hybrids

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Listen, for I speak in the name of the people.

We do not like tanks in PvP. We’d like them out of it.

More seriously, tanks in arena brackets instantly make the game unfun when they are viable, because their viability is always tied to something that makes them deal as much damage as a DPS or heal as muxh as a healer while having the rest of their kit.

In RBG it’s a bit different, but oftentimes throughout the history of WoW, the good tanks were the one that were unccable, or unkillable, and that’s not fun either.


I dont want a single tank to be viable in PvP, increased damage taken by 900%, decrease damage dealt by 90% to players n call it a day. Blood DK´s n guardian druids are everywhere again n i want them gone.

I get that some people want to be a backpaddling bear 1v6 people without even knowing what their abilities do but its never fun for anyone else not exploiting that. We dont need tanks in bg´s, we never did. If blizzard dont want to balance tanks for PvP i dont want them to be even moderately viable in PvP. I want a lvl 56 disc priest to oneshot a fully geared tank through all his defensives. Keep that crap in PvE where it belongs.

Just wait until Cata will come out. Tanks were balanced back then (except BDK)

That is just your opinion. Only because you have a youtube channel and your fans (subscribers) agreeing with everything you say doesnt mean everyone agrees with you.
Your living in the bubble together with your salty fans, and you should acknowledge that tanks need to be included aswell.

You seem to forget those pixel characters are being played by REAL human beings and everyone should be included in PvP. It is an horrible act to exclude someone by them playing a certain spec. Where is your respect and empathy? Stop living in the game and in your bubble and learn how to treat people with respect.

Tanks should be included in every PvP bracket,
especially Solo shuffle :slight_smile: But if some tank ability is OP of course it needs to get nerfed.


It’s so funny to me how I called for “love” for tanks and got a lot of hate :rofl:

But that is my point, i’m calling for a balancing act and a better defined role for tanks. Saying that people don’t want them doesn’t help. I mean, there will always be some spec that is annoying, but I will never ask for it to be deleted from pvp. As I said before, healers are better at tanking right now, but I don’t see people calling for healers to be excluded from pvp.

I agree with that, I stopped playing tank in arena because of that reason, that’s why i’m posting in the bg section. There was a time where tanks had a role in pvp, both arenas and bgs, and it was the best time to play pvp in WoW.

Ahaha take a chill pill dude, obviously my words only come from me, and me alone.

This was a joke coming straight from the fact that tanks are overall disliked in PvP. If you and a handful others do not agree, good for you, but at the end of the day most people dislike tanks in PvP and that’s how it is.

Most people dislike Demon Hunters currently :slight_smile: doesn’t mean that the whole specc should be banned from PvP. This is a MMORPG, so we should be allowed to play with our characters in every type of content.
Blizzard could rework/balance tanks and make them more interesting and fair to play against/with. On paper Tanks can work well in PvP games, there are enough examples. In practice, we know the WoW PvP team struggles on all ends…

As someone who has played prot pala in PvP for at least 15 years, I wish tanks could be more viable at least in BGs. It is crazy how healers have better survivability than us…

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Survivability by default, is a means to buy time and drag out the game. You either hate it or love it. Probably why ‘blitz’ is being experimented.

I feel healers are more likely to get a free pass on because it’s ‘needed’, it’s an unavoidable aspect of PvP that the ideally the healers dies first, since they prevent themselves and everyone else HP from hitting 0.

In PvE a mob can be programmed to virtual ‘threat’ of a tank, a player does not play by that rule and just by passes the tank for the healer. So you have no choice BUT to make the healers sorta tanky if you want to have people play as them and have a match last longer than 30 seconds.

The tank however in PvP can’t use ‘taunt’ to get players to attack them and go through them first. So what do devs? They make the tank a very difficult to kill overall support, so you can’t ignore them and they are able to relief the healer and dps by soaking up part of the pressure, peeling, buffing and protecting objectives. A counterweight so to say to make sure the game doesn’t move to fast.

That seems to upset the people who want ‘fast’ games with either instant loss or instant wins. I think those people don’t like the idea of healers having survivability either, they just want fast games with players dying quick.

But they’re forced to give that healer a free pass because it’s directly noticeable what they do: ‘heal’, while the effects of a tank on gameplay are much more subtle. They just see it them as someone who drags out the game, but don’t understand why the game needs to be dragged out.

Ultimately it’s just a taste thing.

You want fast games with instant wins or instant loses? You don’t wants tanks, or survivability in general, including healers being difficult to kill.

You like longer games with time to react and combat to sway back and forth? You want tanks and healer survivability.

In general I think Devs want Tanks to be in PvP gameplay and they have a role, but you can’t have too many.

‘Blitz’ is pretty interesting, they’re putting a hard cap on Tanks of only 1 or 0 and evenly divided. The combination with others buffs (speed buffs on mount, speed buffs on resources, etc), really tells you they’re trying to figure how to appeal to those people who like fast games and maybe make it its own bracket.

Like we already did with small and epic battlegrounds. It’s really two different tastes.

Sets CR to 0 upon winning or losing a match.

Only you it seems. Tanks have ZERO place in PvP, we can instead let you transmog 1H+SHIELD, and you can change spell icons to prot icons, while being spec’d as Ret. Would that work?

You can call it hate all you want, the same way i dont want aimbotters in my fps games or scripters n botters in my wow games, i dont want an entire category of specs that can be played by literarelly anyone n allows them to beat better players while just randomly pressing buttons n being passively immortal.

So how would you suggest a balancing for tanks to be viable in PvP without making some drooling ape 1v9 an entire bg while accidently pressing deathstrike a couple of times to max himself? I would be fine if tanks were "tanky, hell remove the damage taken reduction, but completely remove their self healing. they have dedicated healers for that role in the content they were designed for and nerf their damage to laughable amonts n sure they can be tanky with some disruption tools, people would still not want them in their games.

Somewhere along the road people have to realize this is no longer kindergarden n you cant force adults to include you in every activity. The only times tanks are played in PvP are when they are so overtoned that they allow terrible players to fight better players n win, theres not a single exception to this rule outside of RBG flag carriers. Even in that content we´d be perfectly fine replacing tanks with healers or hell certain dps specs.

Intill tanks are reworked from scratch n made not obnoxious to play against, no one who doesnt exploit them themselves will ever want them anywhere near PvP. They wont ever get reworked to fit PvP because its a PvE game with PvP as a minigame, the amont of work needed to make tank specs optimized for PvP paired with how none existant the dedicated PvP tank playerbase is makes it not even remotely worth the time investment.

He doesn’t take a joke, guy has no sense of humor.

Indeed, and he happens to be rather rude overall as well. This is what qualifies as a waste of time.

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