Tanks VS ProtPaladins: we need more Utility

I think we can all agree that Prot Paladin has atm way too much Utility for group:
Strong off- and target Healing
Tousends of Silences + usual melee Kick on top
+5% Damage Inrease for all in group
Mass CC
Target Stun
Mass Taunt
On top of this they are very very tanky due to Huge Block % + Armor getting from Plates.

All this brings ProtPalas straight in Heaven comparing to other Tanks. And it will stay like this till Blizzard will understand an obvious thing - other Tanks need to get 2 or even 3 times more Utility Tools then they have right now.
And I am literally shocked with this decision to give more buffs to already meta tank.

I think all Tanks will agree with me that it will be very interesting to see a Blue Post from Blizzard about Tank Situation, made Decisions and future Plans about Tank-Balance in DF. Cause right now they can just delete all other Tanks from the game cause if they wont do very rough and very brave decisions - Prot Paladin will stay Tank Number 1 for every setups, for ever.

most things paladin already had when other tanks were the preferred choice.

Heck even beginning of DF warri tanks were the ones that are doing top keys. MDI was dominated by warri tanks as well.

Blood dks are strong but the yoyo health nobody wants to heal.

Vengence has a lot of utility but is currently just too squishy.

Brewmaster has a metric ton of utility as well and is very tanky. Can do very high keys.

Currently there are only 2 tanks that are not so great… and bear is much below dh actually

What heaven are u talking about? Aside from ultra mega high keys (+25 and above), war is the top dog.

Blood DK’s big problem is it does pitiful damage, which is thankfully looking to be fixed in 10.1.

dmg is the problem for the top end keys which for most people dont apply. i think people complaining about meta etc. are not the top players anyways as those always play what is top anyways.

people crapping on the forums are those who got declined by 3 groups while being undergeared or applying 5 levels above them.

so far as any tank even with ilvl 404 i had no issues in even getting into 18s.
maybe it gets more meta orientated in 20+ but since it is only pushing for the top then, well guess you should also play the top class then…

It’s the plate tank superiority patch.

Fr though, why are all the plate tanks so godlike and the leather tanks absolute dog.

karma. in the last expansions leather tanks were most often better than plate ones.
the balancing teams give, the balancing teams take.

Honestly brewmaster is crazy underrated / underplayed at this point, especially if you run a melee focused comp like enh warrior rogue / feral.

I m speaking about “ultra mega high keys”. Just take 1 Prot War VS 1 prot Pala with 3400 io into 23s (idk what level of keys do u play but just for example, 23) - prot pala can solo heal it, solo kick all casts, can solo everything. Huge DPS (like about 100k in RLP… excuse me?).
Whats wrong with Balancing team idk. Really. And it s already 1 week like this. Idk how far is it going but we will probably see more buffs for prot Palas.

Prot paladins don’t do 100k in ruby life pools overall it’s like like 65-70. Also if they then take the talents that allow them to heal enough to sustain a group it’ll cost them a further 10-15k DPS.

I get you’re salty your spec is bad and you’re struggling to climb as high as you’d like, but the hyperbole is tiresome.

100k overall as a prot is nonsense unless you play with extremely skilled ppl and do monumental pulls.
Not something the average group can achieve and not something for each week.

Completely agree. There is no way a tank should be just able to throw an instant heal on other players that heals for almost 100% of their hp, no other tank has that kind of capability. They should severely nerf the heal amount of Word of Glory when you cast in on other players, that would actually bring prot paladin in line with other tanks without nerfing it’s own survivability or damage.

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dont nerf prot pala… Bring other tanks to its level. I mean they are bringing some RP Playstyle for Prot Pala - Auras - Healings - Resseruction - Shields - I like it a lot - this is how tanks should look like. But dont forget about others.
Prot Warrior could be more competitive with mass Shield Wall (this talents has been deleted before DF launch)
BDK could get some HP Sacrifice mechanic - converting his HP to External Healing for group, ressurecting every killed NPC into undead getting a huge army of Undeads to the end of the dungeon. Pure Fun.
Monk could have stagger mechanic for the whole group and some Chi spender for group as well.
Druid could have Symbiosis back and be built around dealing damage back to attackers
DH could have more Group Interaction with Sigils and could use mana pool from chosen target as resource for some strong range abilities.

Idk there are so many ways to balance these 6 classes letting them be very unique.
The only one good start Point of this long and probably sad Journey - Blizzard should start to play the game they are trying to make better.

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If its jojo alot it is a bad dk tank,
Vengeance same a good you also dont need to heal as much.

I don’t know but every start of a pull they get chunked for 80% of the HP after that it will be kind of ok.
Feels similar to bears because they cannot mitigate any dmg until they build up resources, just that bear gets smacked after that as well.

dh has the problem that it has not 100% uptime on mitigation and that is why they often get clapped or they have to kite (which nobody does).
But well there are almost no DHs currently playing tank as it seems. Havent seen one in ages

For the blood dk its importand that he has runic power as he goes to the next pack, its not always but one of those could help.

For the dh yes true they dont always have their mitigation but then again they have good mobility instead, some dungeons are cringe tho for mobility, jade for example is really small at start.

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