Target Buff/Debuff Frame needs a clean up/filter

I dare you to join a random bg and target a player thats fighting and you will see the most ridiculous amount of debuffs and buffs clustering half of the screen. Every single spec has sooo many small buffs which are completely irrevelant to see but are still shown. This is getting out of control. It was bad prior to DF but got a lot worse.

The player buff frame has an option to filter and I would like to see the same for target frame aswell.

Oh and when youre at it, the buff/debuff frames have that really old and outdated icon border. Would be nice to see an update on that like you did with the action bars. They look great btw <3

edit: i realized this might be a problem for pve too for healers that target their team mates, so yeah, id love to see an improvement on this for WWI

Sounds like you’ve turned off the filtering. Turn it back on:

/console noBuffDebuffFilterOnTarget 0

I tested this and this does not seem to do anything.

Assuming this would work like the buff filtering on player buff frame this would not be enough anways.

There should be an option to show only major cooldowns and defensives or other actually important stuff on target frames with additional options to also show all purgeable stuff aswell.

The target buff frame is incredibly clustered with so much truly irrelevant stuff.

would be cool bizzard really

What UnitFrames are you using?

Im using default, does this command do something on your end? I tried it without any addons aswell and relogging/restarting after copying console command

Haven’t had a chance to test it, will get back to you. I use ElvUI, and like most UnitFrame addons it has its own buff/debuff filters.