Target macro Dispel Magic

Hello, is it possible to create a targeting macro, with /target ‘ever important enemy’ followed by /cast Dispel Magic?

Like this:
#showtooltip Dispel Magic
/target important1
/target important2
/target important3
/target important4
(and so on and so on)
/cast Dispel Magic

No. You cannot have multiple targets in one macro. You can however create a macro that dispels your focus target

So on changing focus it would dispel that.

You can also create multiple [target=arena1] 2,3 for non targeted dispels.

But no 1 not multiple things in 1 macro. Sorry.

Thanks! I’ll try to get used to focusing, even though it’s for PvE.

For pve. Tab through targets. It cycles them without repeating them. Or have stacking nameplates on with buffs showing on nameplates. That will help.

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