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I figured out my other issue but I need help with this on.

I have at the moment this Macro:
/tar “player name” /cast Ironbark

This is great in raids when the Tank is fixed, but is there away I can write another Macro that casts Ironbark on the tank without need for Mouseover for when I do dungeons etc when the Tank is not fixed?

Set the tank as your focus /focus

/cast [@focus,help,nodead] [@none] Ironbark

Any way of doing it without setting focus?

Not automatically, nope.

You could always try your mileage relying on the @targettarget in this

There’s also ways to automate updating your macros while out of combat so you could presumably hit a macro to change the NAME in

/cast [@NAME] SPELL

And yes, you can just @name for ppl in your group, you don’t need to /tar them first.

Ok, thank you for your help.

I use something similar for my rogues Tricks of the Trade, consisting of 2 macros:

Macro 1 (setting up the target for Macro 2):

/run for i=1,5 do local role=UnitGroupRolesAssigned("party"..i) if role=="TANK" then local name=GetUnitName("party"..i, true) local str="#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade\n/cast [@""] Tricks of the Trade" EditMacro("ToT",nil,nil,str,1,1) end end

Macro 2 (actually using the skill):

#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [@name] Tricks of the Trade

So what I do is:

  1. Press Macro 1 at the start of a dungeon to set the current tank as target for Macro 2.
  2. Just use Macro 2 from now on and it automatically targets the tank.

In your case you would just replace Tricks of the Trade with Ironbark. It’s important the name of Macro 2 matches the name specified in Macro 1 (“ToT” in the example above).

Note: Setting up the target with Macro 1 only works out of combat.

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