Tarren Mill Classic Community


Hello everyone,
I’ve come in search of members of the old Tarren Mill community.
Che (Elite Order), Wizgub (is cool) and myself have started a Discord server with the intent of bringing together members of what was once a strong community, to make it one again in Classic WoW.

Although our main goal is to unite old friends and rivals to once again play together and against eachother on the same realm, if you’re a fresher face than us but still interested in joining in you are certainly welcome to.



Hi all! Hope you are doing fine.

We managed to gather around 12 vanilla guilds from the old Tarren Mill server. People who want to reunite with the oldies are more than welcome to join us! Send me a PM or join discord and introduce yourself there.

/Uu9bYzT <- discord channel.

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Didnt tarren mill open as an overflow server in tbc?


Yes, it opened as a migration server at mid 2096 for Deathwing , Skullcrusher and Dunemaul server’s. Guilds and players from those servers are welcomed to join us as well.

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