Tarren Mill disband groups

We are raiding on Tarren Mill and our group disbanding for no reason. Today this incident happened more than 5 times and we called the raid. Same thing happened on Sunday 08-01-23. Can you please fix it?

Same here, it’s honestly insane that this has been a thing since Sunday on Tarren. It’s hard enough getting 20 adults to be online at the same god damn time but not being able to do raids or even m+ for days even tho we pay MONTHLY like wtf?? Give me my 3 days game time back and fix your sht already Blizzard

Yeah and don’t expect them to help you out. i got my ticket answered basically them blaming an issue on addons, either way they won’t do anything about the loot or being locked for that boss. so we get screwed again by them and they won’t even fix/help us out at all. They haven’t even made a post about this issue either so alot more people are about to get screwed once again.

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