[Tarren Mill, Horde] [7/10M] [2day raiding] Recruiting Dps & Tank!

is a 5-year established mythic raiding guild, which has been active throughout multiple expansions.
Iniquity is recruiting players to support the PUSH to Cutting Edge within Castle Nathria and all future shadowland raid tiers.

Recruitment Status:
Iniquity is extending lockouts to push for Cutting Edge before the next raid release. Therefore, our recruitment is not locked to specific classes but players who are geared and keen to achieve Cutting edge in the current tier!

Raid Days and Time
Raid days are Thursday/Monday 20:30-22:45 Server Time, with an additional raiding day at the start of each tier to maximise raid progress. We also run an off-raid day raid to support gearing alts.

What we want out of you:
Maintain an attendance of 90% for the majority of raids
Always being prepared for raids regarding pots, flasks & etc.
Be online 15 minutes before raid time
Having a working Microphone and be able to communicate when needed.

What we can offer:
Iniquity has been an established guild for over 5 years, we offer a stable raiding environment with continual progress.
We have a mixture of players which enjoy mythic plus and attempt to push keys into the top 10 leaderboards each week. The guild also offers more casual mythic plus experience where players still achieve key stone master.
Please see our Guild Youtube channel where we have videos of members pushing keys https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWTEvZiWB_5H4OgWfSnpnOQ)

Players of great skill of their class will always be considered. Please add our GM to discuss.

Raiding Video: A lot of members tend to want to see the raid environment before joining a new guild so to help with this we have cropped some of our best raid clips into a short video to help get the feel of Iniquity

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYKpj0j2lZQ&t=7s 6

The guild will also accept social players which want to play in a friendly environment

How to apply:
If you have any further questions or would like to apply to the Guild please add an officer below:

Bnet - Crisis#2645 (GM)
Discord - Macker595#8824 (GM)

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