Tarren Mill - Kazzak - Twisting Nether

Starting a horde toon soon. Stuck between realm choice at the moment. I’m debating between Kazzak, Tarren Mill, and Twisting Nether. Although someone told me TM does not have as many Mythic guilds and M+ teams as the other two.

Any input from residents of these realms?

all 3 and draenor are decent realms.

I play on TM. Few guilds cuz method is here and took everybody who was good. And the AH is a joke. Low prices for everything and u cant really make money. The only way to make money at the start of a patch FARM everything, dont get items, just pure farm mats and other stuff and sell it overpriced. All method boys buy everything. Today i sold like 5000 osmenite ore to Method Gingi and yesterday Sco bought like 20 azasharine and sage agate.

If you are an arabian player and dont mind turkish spam then Twisting Nether is your realm.(or as the locals call it Turkish Nether)
Everything else id go with TM or Draneor.

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Cheer up! It can’t be that bad.

Method took everybody who was good? Method have - what? - 30 people? So there are only 30 “good” people there, and there’s nobody else “good” on the realm? You have a very high bar for “good”. :slight_smile:

Few Guilds? about 50 on TM and 50 on Draenor in M. About 140 in TM and 190 on Dreanor between M and HC. A lot of realms would really love having so “few” guilds to choose from.

As for AH, well, farming mats at the start of a patch is pretty much a staple everywhere, unless you’re a TSM Goblin with buckets of capital to corner markets. Price of Zin’anthid hovers in the low 40s on both TM and Draenor.

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Any of the big realms has no problems getting people for mythic raiding.Also selling farm mats is a joke on them.The only thing that crashed was Agumented runes,people where betting they will be 600g,but the oposite thing happened they went from 400g to 250g.Glad i sold mine for 380g.

Go to Tarren Mill. Draenor is huge and has login queues and realm lag/delay. Kazzak is famous for toxic community, and Turkish Nether is a no go for most players!

Tarren-Mill has a great economy. You can still make gold on the AH.

This happens only on the first month of a new expansion.Since legion it was nothing but working as charm.Login ques where only present in the first week of bfa and thats it.But id take one month of lag/delay AH/mailbox for a solid peace of mind, 24+ months of an expansion life cycle any time of the day.Also the realm is really divers when it comes to languages,ethnicities.

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