[Tarren Mill] Shaman looking for Mythic Guild


I recently transed to Tarren Mill and am looking for a Guild to get into Mythic raiding and pushing keys. Raidtimes during weeksdays would be optimal. I can play Resto or Elemental equally good. Up to now I have 9/10 HC kills.
If necessary I can provide logs (From my former Mainchar). I would describe myself as very commited and have no issues with playing off spec if needed.
About my person: 22 years old, german, memelord

Make sure to contact me if you think I am fitting for your Guild/Raid team.
BNet: Lemao#21295

Hi Lemao,

Whilst i know your currently on TM, if your willing to change please do look us up.
We are looking for a good resto shaman with a ele off spec and you seem to fit the bill nicely.

Please see our post below and let us know if it interests you.