Tarren Mill vs Hillsbrad Sunday the 8th @ 19:00

Have yet to see one of those truly epic large scale battles in classic. We should gather here and fight it out. This will be the last weekend before battle grounds are released and with it world PvP will diminish.

Soak your weapon in the blood of your enemies! Come and fight for death and glory!

Naaa… none of your lvl 60 will come, they are too busy ganking lvl 49 in badlands. They cant stand a real fight…
(true story).

Counted about 4-5 horde’s at lvl 60. Rode around South shore but found no alliance. Either the alliance population is minimalistic or you are all cowering in your capital cities. I hope I will get to bathe in your blood by the 10th.

The horde won as usual LOK’TAR OGAR

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