Tauren - Struggling to get into character/make it work for me

Something I love about the Tauren is their laidback, relaxed and peaceful nature which appeals to me as a shaman lover.

The one thing I am struggling to connect with though is that I tend to go for low-profile relatively inconspicuous races like Humans, Dwarves, Orcs and Blood Elves. A huge, lumbering, hooved and horned Tauren wandering Silverpine Forest or exploring taverns and inns in the world just doesn’t work for me and I am trying to ‘‘find my place’’.

Any help or concepts would be a great idea, I love the Tauren but I can’t see them kicking back and relaxing in an inn sat in the corner by the fire when they’re about 6ft wide and 9ft tall. :smile:

Well, the Tauren do definitely socialize around campfires. In fact, it appears to be a very important aspect of their culture, seeing as a major part of Thunderbluff is dedicated to that purpose and there are other examples of them doing so inside as well. I think you may be struggling more with the clash of a large creature with architecture that was never designed for it. Maybe seek out RP in Thunderbluff or Orgrimmar and see if you feel more comfortable within an environment better designed for them.

As for possible character concepts and ideas. I always think of the Tauren as great guides and companions. They were, after all, a nomadic people in the not too distant past, so going on long treks and protecting others was the norm. Maybe thinking along those lines can help inspire how your Tauren approaches others?


Have you seen the “How roleplay tauren” videos on YouTube? I find those pretty helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe the WoW tauren are usually described as something like “Peaceful, nature-loving, and deeply philosophical… But they will crush you if they decide you’re an enemy (of nature).”

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