TBC classic low realms problem

Started playing 3 months ago in the High pop realm. Now pop in my realm is Low. Some other realms remained High, some are now also Low.

Playing in Low pop realm sucks. I am not raiding (feral druid), nothing is going on. Only option is to transfer. But should I?

WoW is ment to be MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game.

Isn’t Blizzard supposed to provide the Massive Multiplayer part for players? Do we have to pay for transfers only because we weren’t lucky enough to guess which realm won’t go Low in few months when we created our characters?

Not only Blizzard failed to do that, they are also exploiting their failure by not fixing it while people still pay money for transfers.

25 € is not that huge of an amount, but it represents unfairness and greed of the developer company. I just cannot allow myself to become a silly cow who happily pays for a failure that can be easily fixed, but instead is used to exploit players. That would hurt way more than losing 25 €.

I am a normal player just like any other player in realms that remained High and obviously I didn’t cause my realm to go Low. So why I am being punished?

Dear Blizzard, I am not paying for the transfer, because it is not fair. Please let me transfer for free or say goodbye to me and my ~155 € every year.


It is our fault that we trust in Blizzard to make a change. They care more about their back yard pools than the fan base ;]

Wow Classic Era realms have never had a high population.

Did you notice this?

You’re in the worng forum, This is not TBCC forum.

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