TBC dungeon Mythic +

Dear blizzard
Will we see Vanilla, TBC and Wrath among the new Mythic + rotation?

I would personally come back to the game and play M+ again if TBC dungeons where a part of the rotiation, for me that was the best expansion as off today and still love to do those dungeons as i see more of a challenge bringing them into the pool

Is there a update if they are going to be added into the game?

I believe Blizzard has already made a stance on this. They do not want to go back further than Cata.

The reasoning was that trash pull and boss fights before Cata were too simplistic, not befitting for M+ challenges.
Now, they could add/tune some abilities to make them worthy for M+ (as they have done with Vortex Pinnacle, Throne of Tides), but according to Blizzard they would have to change so much for Vanilla/TBC/WotLK that they wouldn’t feel like the original dungeon anymore.

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Vanilla is to easy and won’t work. TBC needs to much redesign. I won’t mind WOTLK but it has to be made harder