Tbc pre patch v soon

It’s coming soon peeps


Lets goooo

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“soon” … Transfer will be closed for multiple weeks as they stated, which might be 2 or 16, who knows…

But yea, its something at least

May the 4th be with you.


May 18th pre patch?

Please listen to this man blizzard

lmao keep dreaming

Nice, almost done farming my jewelcrafting mats for my draenei

If by soon you mean at an unspecified point between now and the end of time - then yes it is!

If you mean soon like imminent then I feel you may be slightly wrong.


I would suspect this will all be before the pre-patch lands.

I may be wrong!

I would expect pre patch near mid may at earliest based on my own suspicions :slight_smile:

Well ‘a couple of weeks’. Starting from the end of april.
So 14th of may the earliest and hopefully not later than june or they might as well have said a couple of months.

Edit: i can’t read they actually said multiple weeks which makes me think 3 or more.

I expect them to release the pre-patch early May or at the latest the 18th, and no transfers to be available during the pre-patch. The snapshot will be on the Monday after (the 3rd) in my opinion or maybe the shutdown for the pre-patch update, maybe on the 4th.

I think they will announce the snapshot after they have done it.

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