WoW Classic Character Transfer Temporary Closure -- 30 April

In order to prepare our systems which will handle snapshotting WoW Classic player-characters and preparing them to be separately playable on Burning Crusade Classic and WoW Classic Era realms, we will close the character transfer service in WoW Classic on 30 April at 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST in this region.

We expect character transfers to be closed for multiple weeks, and we will let you know as soon as we can determine this process is nearly complete and we expect to re-open the service. For the duration of the closure, it will not be possible to transfer a WoW Classic player-character to or from any realm.

The actual snapshotting of all WoW Classic characters will occur after this closure. We will also announce that time at a later date.

The character transfer service closure in WoW Classic will have no impact whatsoever on the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands digital shop or services.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we perform this update.


Are you planning to remove the current cooldown on transfers prior to this exceptional closure ? I was planning on migrating a character back before TBC launch but he is still under cooldown.


This tells me that Prepatch won’t be here for atleast a month sadly.

wake me up when I’m not a meme

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Will the gold cap for character realm transfers be raised to 5k gold with the implementation of the tbc pre-patch or when the character transfer become available again?

Same topic without an official confirmation:



then consider removing the current cooldowns on character transfers so we can end with our buddies on same servers before 30th of April.


As the comment from Xzz above says: Are you planning to do anything about the transfer cooldown before you remove them temporarily? Some peoples transfer cooldown probably expires around that date which sucks.

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What Kalindra said. Is there are way to bypass the cooldown on the transfer? My classic warriors cd goes out shortly after the transfer goes on closure.


Why can’t you just give us a fair heads up on the date for the capture, like 6-8 weeks ahead?
There are people ranking and trying to get their lifes come together, sucks if you feel you have to go all in with your time to push for that rank you never made in p4 only to find out the copy comes in 2 weeks - or to find out it will come in 10 and you can do it slower. also with stacking up on profession materials etc. It is extremely annoying that the only thing we’ve even seen so far is a hardcoded line in the beta client that you didn’t even intend for us to see. Would also be good to give us information way ahead on how long the prepatch time is going to be, is it going to be 1 week of prepatch shennanigans or the whole summer? or no prepatch until late august? the unanswered questions creates tensions in the community and Soon™ isn’t good enough.


I’m honestly going to cancel all my subscriptions if they do not at least remove the cooldown for those of us now stuck due to this. Can’t be true that we can’t finish classic with our friends if they’re on another server.

very nice to let us know 9 days before… like jesus.


So Will the actual snapshot happen on the 30th? Like lets say i want to attend a gdkp after the 30th Will it still let me have the gold i had before the gdkp when i clone my char to tbc?

You didn’t read it did you? Literally stated char migration shuts down 30th and the snapshotting for classic forever / tbc will be “after” that date, announced in advance,

Not ON that date. Jeez you zoomers are too hyper for your own good, inable to focus and comprehending 5 lines of text and then stressing out over made up misconceptions. Bravo!


I Am European i am sorry i do NOT understand Every single sentence. And Why are You using a form of prejudice to throw indirect insults at me.


@Blizzard, we seriously need these transfers cooldowns wiped off like… yesterday. Come on, solve this already.


this blizz

It’s clearly states that transfers is closed to prepare systems. Not for actual snapshotting.
So, there will be time between date 1 when transfers open again, and date 2 when actual snapshotting of all WoW Classic characters occurs, which will be announced later.

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I’m calling BS. There is no way you read and understood the entire post except the part where it says:

The actual snapshotting of all WoW Classic characters will occur after this closure. We will also announce that time at a later date.

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There really is even more people transfering all the time for ranking or farming on emptier servers than I thought.^^

Please update the CD before this time, it will subside on May 5th.
I was going to transfer the character to my friends and guild back to my native server. If you have a similar problem, like messages and write new ones. We must be answered.