TBD - Semi-HC Recruiting!

English-speaking semi-hardcore PvE guild looking to strengthen our main raider team!

Loot distrubution: Council based on performance and attendance.

Raid Days/Times:
Wednesday: 20:00-24:00
Thursday: 20:00-24:00

All content currently on farm and cleared on 1 night, now waiting on AQ gates to open :wink:

What we expect from you:

  • Be helpful to other guildies
  • Know your class
  • Always show up to raids prepared

What you can expect from us:

  • Experienced leadership
  • A friendly raiding environment, we’re all here to enjoy the game
  • Fair and transparent loot distribution using a well knowledgeable loot council.
  • An active community both in-game and in discord who are happy to help.

Recruitment right now:
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid

Other classes may be of interest if the right person applies!

If you are interested in joining then please join us on discord and DM any of the leadership and we will gladly help you out!


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