<TDA> Recruitment thread


Hello all,

<TDA> is currently looking for the following classes:
Shaman (1-2)
Warrior DPS (1)

Exceptional applicants will always be considered.

You can apply here: tda-wow.enjin .com/recruitment
*not allowed to post links, so had to break up the link above.

Raid times:
Monday 20:00-00.00
Wednesday 20:00-00
Thursday 20:00-00:00

Atm we are mainly raiding Wednesdays from 20:00-22:00. Occasionally we kill Onyxia on Mondays due to reset timer.
The raid times above are mostly for later stages (AQ, Naxx).

Loot distribution:
We are using a single bid DKP system to distribute loot. Every month DKP gets reduced - this to incentivize spending and also to make sure that new recruits aren’t too far behind.

About us:
We’re a “semi-hardcore” guild, meaning that we want to efficiently clear content but also understand that people have jobs outside the game. So we will never raid beyond the times mentioned above.
Several of our members have been playing together for close to 4-5 years now on retail and various other games.
Our main focus is clearing PvE content, but we also have several members who are highly interested in PvP. We also have a second raid group consisting of members/alts/raids, so it’s possible to apply for this group as well.

Our goal is to remain one of the best guilds on the server when it comes to PvE progression.

What we expect from you:
If you are invited to the guild there will be a trial period of 2-3 weeks. We expect you to be on top of your class abilities and rotations. For warriors, this also means that we expect you to know how to properly tank.
You should know what consumables to bring to a raid and we are looking for competitive personalities.
If you’re not the top performer of your class that should bother you and you should look for ways to improve.

What you can expect from us:
Efficient raiding with experienced officers and a stable raiding core.
Fair loot distribution.
Second raid to join if/when you are benched from the progression raid team.
Dedicated guildmates focused on world bosses and PvP in phase 2.
Friendly environment to be a part of and do PvP/dungeons outside raiding.