Teammates addon missclick and looted Finkler's skinner

Hello Community,
I need your help.
I was in LBRS, Finkles knife drop- Im the only skinner.
A rogue in the group says his addon messed up so he managed to click need on finkles skinner.
I have a full series of screenshots from the game where he sais that it was a mistake, he will create a ticket etc.
I really would like to have some help to retrieve this item- he could not trade it or such. It is not fair in any way that a mistake made this way concludes that I can’t receive the item.
What do I do?

Best regards
A very frustrated warrior…

You’re left with a limited number of possibilities, I’m afraid.

If a mistake genuinely was made, both the rogue AND you should open a ticket in-game to a Game Master, explaining the issue in full.

That’s your best bet. Fingers crossed.

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Hello Treadwell,

Indeed a mistake was made and Ive posted 4/4 possible screenshots in the ticket to the GM. Hopefully they will make it happen! :slight_smile:

Best of luck, keep us posted!

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