Tear of Morning - not working as intended?

So i’ve just purchased my new 235 Tear of Morning legendary.

it states that ‘vivify healing through renewing mist is increased by 20%’. So i decided to check that out.

I’ve healed 5x with vivify on a Non-renewing mist target, exluding critical heals, and it heals for an average of 2,736.

Then i healed 5x with vivify on a renewing mist target, excluding critical heals again, and it heals for an average of 2,760.

If vifify is increased by 20% on targets with renewing mists, these numbers dont make sense, and the renewing mist average healing should be more towards 3,100-3,200 average healing. But it’s almost the same as the other.

The target i healed was a NPC healing dummy, and i made sure not to have any external buffs etc, that could mess up the numbers

Is it bugged?

Does it not refer to the cleave effect, rather than the primary target?

At least, that’s how I interpret ‘through renewing mist’.

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Yes its the cleave effect only

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