Tell us about your roleplay character!


With the community starting to settle a bit and more and more people reaching the high levels they need for their RP gear, and the forums starting to pick up steam, now’s a good time to introduce our characters.

So, tell us about them. Their backstory, attitude, your plans for them, why you chose to make them in Classic and not retail, pets, hobbies, any art you already have. Something to tide us by til the kind souls creating the Hydra Archives are finished!


No, I won’t! >:(

I will let you all experience his greatness first-hand through in-game interactions. :wink:


She’s a “what if” of my main Retail character. The split being that, unlike my Retail character, this version did not take the opportunity to join the Cenarion Circle and train as a druid when they started allowing women.


Margeret Tanner (character name unrelated to IC name) is a young woman who was displaced from her home near Andorhal when the Scourge rampaged through Lordaeron.

From her TRP profile:

Margeret can be found wandering around Southshore during much of the day. Of the refugees of Lordaeron present in the small coastal town, she is one of the more noticeable ones, spending much of her time trying to earn a living by selling her crafted leatherworking goods to passersby.

She can occassionally be seen hauling some slain animal into town, the meat of which she sells to the local inn, while the leather is used in her leatherworking business.

She also regularly checks in with the city guards and magistacy, inquiring about news from Lordaeron, particularly news related to any survivors that may have been rescued from the area.

Classic is my first time playing on an RP server, figured it would be good to try something new when presented with a fresh start, and I have enjoyed RPing in other formats for years (Tabletop games and LARPing), so it seemed like something I would enjoy.

I’d love to share some pictures of her, but I am not allowed to post links on these forums apparently.


Fiola is a Lordaeronian survivor placed within Solliden by the Scarlet Crusade. As her father is struck on the fields by a Forsaken marauder, Fiola decides to take up arms and serve the cause as more than just a farmer. Although she’s young and inexperienced her training is just about to begin.


Richter was a kindly young chaplain in Stratholme until he was culled by paladins loyal to Arthas and his body was trampled by stampeding civilians. Now he looks like this:

A gaunt, withered creature, crooked and warped; Father Richter Newman hobbles along with the aid of a gnarled staff and his steadfast conviction. The Forsaken’s gangly limbs contort inwards like a skeletal hag’s, giving him an unsettling, uneven gait and prompting the drooping of his left shoulder - the preacher’s entire frame in fact seems to fold inward as if the very center of his dead chest held a force of gravity pulling him towards himself like a man with some sort of palsy might shamble; as if all of his bones had been broken, scattered and amateurishly refitted; as if a long-legged spider had embraced itself for a death that never truly came.

Death chokes at the man’s face, making the skin tight and leathery against the sharp ghoulish features. In life he might’ve been blessed with a narrow, angular boyish face, but the grave has left his cheeks hollow and almost carved in, and made his prominent aquiline nose even more noticeable in his emaciated physiognomy, elongated and almost coffin-shaped.

There’s an unsettling asymmetry to his entire face, given by the fact that this jaw is obviously borrowed and ill-fitting, tending to dislocate and hang during speech, forcing him to relocate it with loud clacking sounds. His hair might’ve been a youthful shoulder-length cut in a different time, but all that remains now are manic clumps of thick, gangrene purple locks that sprout out like rotten vines.

The most prominent among his unsightly features is the feverish intensity of his glowing eyes, oft wide open as if engrossed in religious epiphany, glaring with burning zeal at those before him before barking out the Shadow’s dooms to passers-by, in a dusty, croaking nasally tone. Richter favors the simple garb of a preacher, yet with his deathly, contorted and uneven frame makes him look like he’s dressed in ill-fitting rags forevermore, even when in the finest of silks.


An alternate universe version of my retail main, who in this timeline managed to avoid a chance cencounter with the Eldritch, and as such enjoyed her youth with minimal psychological trauma.

Elizabeth met with the hardships of war at a young age, and has emerged stronger for it. So too did she emerge remarkably unscathed; for she was a far cry from the cripples that usually carried the banners back home.

Her tanned skin was entirely unblemished save a few birthmarks here and there. When not out on the road, she wears her thick hair down liberally — the mark of a free woman, not bound by marriage, status or duty.

Short and wiry of stature, she carries herself with a lilting grace, braving the world armed with nothing more than a staff, a smile, and all the destructive sorceries of Venetia.

I posted this in another thread, but for the Survivors of Lordaeron project we’ve made character profiles in Google Docs while we wait for an AA substitute. Here’s mine:


Would prefer not to write down my character’s back story right now. Far more fun to let others gradually tease it out in-game over time.

Suffice to say right now that Elenna is a relatively young Kaldorei, aged around two hundred, without any of the facial markings common among her kind, due mostly to her earlier role as a historian archivist within her relatively reclusive community rather than a Sentinel or Huntress.

She’s been forced to leave this reclusive community for personal matters and is currently searching in the Eastern Kingdoms for somebody with magical knowledge that can help her on the first stage of her quest. She is quite single minded about this, and desperation drives her; to the extent she’s willing to accept the possible ostracism and censure that may occur if her peers discover her forbidden interaction with the arcane arts. She’s being as discreet and circumspect in her inquiries as possible, but it is impossible to ask about magic in the human kingdoms without somebody out there paying attention.

Elenna is quite knowledgeable about her people, and their history, but rather naive when it comes to dealing with other races, unsure of correct protocols or behavious. She’s rather overwhelmed by the vast ‘city of stone’ that they named Stormwind, understanding few of it’s functions and yearns to return to the wild lands.

I chose to make this character in Classic, for the simple reason that I do not like, or enjoy the current retail version of WoW, and quit in 2012 after the Cataclysm expansion went live.


To clarify for anyone confused, this thread isn’t intended for meta-gaming! It’s not for giving a full rundown of your character’s whole backstory, so no need to worry. It’s just for a basic introduction to your character, to build interactions and hype around the community.


Manch Darisla Is a Marine Corporal with the 2th Theramore Regiment, 4th company. 3 platoon currenly and was Born in Drusvar joining Jaina rather then sail home after the Lord Admiral was kill.
Choice to make it in classic since cant rp in tharamore in retail and always sort wanted to make one, so a good chance to do it.


Name’s Goldskull. Got the name from the golden skin and thick skull he uses for headbutts when someone is picking a fight.

He grew up in an internment camp, so doesn’t really know his clan or parents. Named by other orcs in the camp. Thrall came to his camp and led them to revolt.

He is now a fierce follower of Thrall and an upcoming warrior that want’s to prove himself.

Often cracks jokes and tries to help his newfound friends alot and protect them.