Temple of the jade serpent is so bad

1.corrupted water elementals do damage to everyone for no reason, sometimes healers can’t heal it

2.the first boss can knock you up and one shot you while you’re in the air
and maybe you shouldn’t get knocked up but sometimes you have to turn around the boss to avoid the one shot and you either wait for the water to rise and die to the one shot or try and sneak fast and risk getting knocked up and one shot, such overlaps are so frustrating to deal with

3.second and third boss do literally nothing, trash mobs in the same dungeon have more mechanics

4.last boss has a lethal dot ability that targets two players, while healers can only dispel one , the other has to use defensives and get healed,
the adds he spawns are supposed to be kited and grouped at the same time

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The only issue could be the last trashpack, mothing else. The first boss is free, if ur not positioning urself good enough before waves then thats on you. Its a no brainer and usually shows which player is the most clueless :slight_smile:

While last boss could be rough to heal, it really shouldnt, dispell one, focus heal the other. If people dont wanna press personals then yes, that makes it a bit more rough but still managable by a good healer. 7 seconds until you can dispell another player. No biggie.

Temple is a good key, overall pretty balanced. So this is clearly a git gud situation.

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if i wasnt a pala tank i would disagree.

trash is nasty and unlike the op says, the 3rd boss is the real smacker (p2)

I can aggree on the first trash it can be realy brutal, and the last boss dot is realy nasty.
trash otherwise aint bad at all, if people focus right mob and interupt it, aka the haunting one, rest aint bad at all. same for the last pack

Yepp. That jade is a bi*** on higher keys especially if you dont have enough personals as tank to help the healer, lol.

1: Stand in the middle of a section.
2: When the beam spawns, sidestep it / go to one side of the section.
3: After the water, run 2 sections
4: Water happens
5: Run 1 section
6: safe.

The whole fight is on a timer, there are no overlaps you can’t predict or mechanics coming out of nowhere.

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You can easily avoid that dmg

Also easily avoidable.

Also easily fixed and the debuff healer needs to dispell 1 and heal the other untill he can be dispelled. Tyvm

  1. Corrupted water casts a dot on players that, shockingly enough, can be qvpided by going behind one of many walls on start. Ypu can completely avoid most of damage until boss 1

  2. As someone who got killed many times by that knock up , it really can be easily avoided if you just focus.

One of the most challenging dungeon in m+ on my opinion.

U need - Decurse
U need - BL
U need - Dispel on last boss (SP or WL)
U need - rogue for shroud
U need - CR
U need - Sooth (this week)

Every pack has one mechanic that can wipe the group and rip the key.
Moreover more higher you go more mechanics u discover. On 25+ it would be very very helpful if the group can stop Tank things like Haunting Haze and Claws as well. Nobody in the group pays attention to this very dangerous casts in 23-24 - a lot of deplets are happening exactly thats why. Espceially last pack with 3 Claws + Haunting Haze - it s just almost not possible to survive on fortie and has to be stopped 1 or 2 times.

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The Sha explosion should have a 5 yard radius. Dark Claw and Haunting Gaze need around a 30-50% damage nerf.

There’s someone dying on that boss almost every time. Even in +20s where people have done the fight multiple times. Boss mechanic in itself if pretty easy but when you add affixes that effect movement like Thundering, Quaking or Volcanic to it. People start to panic or can’t play 3/4 mechanics same time and end up in situation where you get knocked up and beamed after that. Having 3 to 4 overlapping mechanics can be challenging.

They can be stopped with any form of cc. Most classes have 2-4 ways to stop it.

There’s a weak aura for the first boss for “Corrupted Geyser”. The timing is not random, so just follow that, there’s 1 small delay, and 2 long ones, I always walk almost full circle in a " long period".

The last boss is a bit annoying now due to quaking, same like e.g. 3rd boss of Azure Vault, and I have issues zooming out here :slight_smile: .

That dispell hurts yeah.

I always try to tank these elementals at the start close to a corner, but DPS and healer always stay :wink: . Pug problem that 1 :smiley: .I also prefer to lust on the group before Wari, but that also doesnt always happens. That group is hard.

And yeah, I one time forgot to add curses to my dispel on shaman, and that was a mistake :slight_smile: . He is looking forward to season 2 where he doesn’t have a disease dispel :wink: .

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