Ten Storms status

I just came back to prepare for TBC. But the server is really dead. No players in IF or SW. /WHO and there is atmost 20 players online.

@Blizzard Maybe its time to shut down the server and give us free transfer?


I agree, an mmo game just doesn’t work with no players. I am already losing interest after 2 days back and will be looking to cancel subscription again. A free transfer would be great but even merging the low communities would work


Server was already dead and now it (and other low pop servers) will be even more dead after split. They decide to merge classic realms but not tbc realms? That has to be a joke.

Worse than playing a single player game since you can’t even enjoy the full content

It was already written many times about horrible status in 10s, but blizzard wont do anything. They just dont care.

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Its impossible to find group. Look at the server status. Ten storm has 160 active raiders. All horde. A regular server has 700-800 divided into each faction. Ur ruining the game blizzard, by not acting on this.

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And the sad part is, blizzard does not seem to care. The issue is just getting worse and worse. Spent 2 days trying to find a group. Its an mmorpg not an rpg…

Horde side?

It feels so good to see this stinking pos server die. All the toxic spergs quitting the game or transferring makes it even better.

I am Majesty, I was the 2nd 60 mage on this server, and one of the top 5 60s.

One day, first week of September 2019 (The server had an average population then, was quite healthy), I saw a level 10 druid in Darnassus and she asked me for a portal. I did it, she told me she has no gold and has only 20 silver, she is playing the game for the first time.
Few days later, I got a whisper from her, asking for help in STV cuz a horde rogue is camping her. I went there, there was this orc rogue from the toxic self claimed good gamers called Feint guild, which is actually a pile of useless garbage. When I got close, I saw a yell in chat from this rogue “fa…t ni…er” “su… my di.k” “g o t O r E t a i L” etc. He was spamming this to the level 31 newbie druid that he is camping near hemingwary camp.
I killed him once, then waited around for 10 minutes, he didn’t show up. I left and 1 minute after I was back in SW, I got a whisper from the newb druid “he is back again camping me”.

went to the Ten storms discord. I wrote:
“hey feint people, your guild member is doing this, can you please leave the lowbie druid, she is new to the game, if you want to pvp can you do it with high level players please?”
first reply i got: “QQ more biache” from one of the officers. And a bunch of idiots start spamming omegaluls and kekw faces on the sperg chat.
I said: “if you behave like stupid spergs this server will die”
Another idiot writes “O K B O O M E R” with reactions on my post, all the peabrained monkeys click the reactions.
20 if not more imbeciles join the train with their “lulw” “get rekt” “l2p kid” etc.

I leave the retard nest.

Then, for 2 years, I checked how this hole of stinking trash does. The best self-proclaimed “private server expert” morons didn’t even manage to kill any content in half the speed I did on other servers.
The server died. Now they all gone and there is 400 players left on the entire server.

Oh I feel so happy man. Well deserved, hope your stinking community of chimpanzees are happy with not being able to do any content.

Now, its my turn: kekw retards, go to retail.

My message has nothing to do with other people, especially non-spergs and alliance that didn’t do this btw. It’s sad but it is what it is my men. Earthshaker is good if you can afford the transfer.

Dude, your post is so much full of hate. There were many awful ppl playing here for sure, but so as all other servers. Earthshaker is “good”, because ally isnt dominated by horde there, but there are still idiots on both sides. Ally contributed to ally side death as much, if not more than horde players with hidden poaching of players, hidden dramas and stuff like you are writing here, calling server dead, full of toxic ppl. Its not the fault of entire server, its fault of individual people, who dont look like they play on this server anymore.

All in all, ally side tries to build new community here and you coming here criticizing this server for what happened in the past doesnt look good both, for the server and yourself.

I have some bad news for you my friend. Faint is still here, they never left. Sorry to ruin your parade

True, I hate people that are toxic and form up a gang to bully others. And after Ten Storms I played in Earthshaker, Zandalar Tribe and Gehennas, 3 massive servers and from my own personal experience Ten Storms community was by far the most toxic and obnoxious, no other server’s community was even close as far as my history goes.
Might be due to “being a big fish in a small pond” by self-proclaimed “gamers” that develop a superiority complex and think that they are gods amongst men.

Men are like liquid, they take the shape of the bottle you put them in. If you put an average joe into a toxic community where everyone earns credit by bullying and lynching etc, he will try his best to act so just to be liked by others.

I don’t care neither about the server nor what the “community” on Ten Storms think of me lol, the entire Ten Storms “community” now is smaller than my guild alone. Whatever, had to say what I geniunely think when I saw this thread, because I actually enjoy seeing this server dead. No offense personally, good luck in there.

Day 431: Blizzard still hasn’t done anything to better our experience

Yea server is dead no allys and all horde guild are migrating…
Plz blizzard stop this marketing tactic and merge dead servers or make migrates free… Its sad after all those years trusting you and playing your games, you dont do something to make game experience better for us old players…

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