Ten Storms suddenly 44% alliance 56% horde?

This can`t be true, right?

Ironforge is tracking 1500 players on the server of which 44% are alliance and 56% horde.

It was about 33% alliance and 67% horde a few weeks ago.

What gives? Horde is mass migrating? There arent any new alliance players transferring here so must be a change on horde`s side.

Or are the statistics just wrong?

Well if it’s only tracking 1500 people thats probably why. No way there is only 1500 active players.

yea, some horde transfer but not that many, anyway there is not that much more horde than alliance here :slight_smile:

According to warcraftlogs there is currently 30horde guildes and 9alliance guild that killed Nefarian… + 2-3guilds on other bosses, both factions.

I dont know how many hordeguilds that got a nef-kill and then migrated.
also dont know how many that have multiple char. in different guilds with nef-kills.

70/30 shouldnt be too far from the truth… buuuuuut Guesstimation ftw!

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