Tenacity or Cunning pet into the popular double melee cleaves - Arms/Ret, Arms/Dh fo SS?

What kind of pet is better into such comps or even in triple melees if FW or hpal and why?

Cunning, because you need the passive move speed buff and freedom. Tenacity is generally only useful if you die to sub rogues a lot.

You should be playing cunning 99% of the time. 5+20% temp max hp doesn’t really help if they can still bash your head in. You can consider running BM trinket if you dont mind losing a little caste or on demand damage.

Logic is freedom + line of sight you prevent 100% of a melee’s damage

Especially since most hunters are bm with 23s freedom and since all warriors run uncanceling hurricane blade storm with 70% slow, freedom is infinitely better into all arms comps.
Tenacity though not only gives temp max hp, it heals for the same 20% amount, but it’s required only into sub rogue comps and arguably into jungle/cupid

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