Testing Burning Crusade Classic Launch Again on May 13

Thank you very much to everyone who logged on to the Launch Test beta realm today and helped us test the opening of the Dark Portal.

Unfortunately, we ran into unexpected issues that prevented us from learning what we wanted to about how to best configure the game.

That’s why you test!

So we’re going to do this all again tomorrow, May 13, at the same time, 20:00 CEST. Please join us if you can.

We appreciate it!


Someone forgot to enable prometheus metrics?

It be like gettin’ ready to play some heavy metal on, but forgettin’ to plug the guitars into da amp, mon!

Hexx be laughing! :joy:

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Set it to the most players you can, solved!

We’ve now updated the Launch Test realm. All of the characters that were previously there have been wiped, and the realm is again available for login.

We have the Launch Test realm in name reservation-only mode, so feel free to go ahead and create characters there to prepare for the test tomorrow.


We’re about an hour away from opening the Dark Portal on the Launch Test beta realm for today’s test.

Will the regular beta server come back up after the launch test? I wasn’t finished chilling ‘n’ killin’ in Nagrand ^^

And sorry but the level 58 Warlock boost gear looks like a wizard and not a Warlock… Blue and yellow with a pointy hat? :crazy_face:

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