Thank you Blizzard for forcing me to play on a polish server

Just came back after a long break and now my main server is litteraly polish. Trade chat is in polish, all general chat is in polish. I havent seen a non polish guild advertisment since I started 2 weeks ago. I dont expect blizzard to care or do anything about it because we were such a small battlegroup. I just hope this post can stay for the devs to see. I have over 6 characters on this battegroup and I 'm not willing to pay for transfer because blizzard f***ed up. So either I’m forced to play on a server I don’t understand the chat’s, pay for transfer, start a new character on a new server or just quit all toghether.

Again, thank you blizzard for this awesome experience for a returning player!


I have a total of 6 characters over there that i can’t play anymore because of this totally blind merger with a full Polish server, I’d rather quit WoW alltogether than have to pay to move all of them…

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I know this is not of help because you guys are horde currently, but you are very welcome to join our alliance guild if you feel like :slight_smile: stay strong and lets hope for some discounts soon i suppose

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go play on ally side xD

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